Editorial: Spring concert can become a lasting Iowa State tradition


Hip-hop artist KYLE performs at the SUB Outdoor Concert on Sunday.

Editorial Board

On Sunday, for the first time in years, Iowa State had an outdoor spring concert, which included acts such as Fetty Wap, KYLE, Cheat Codes and Andreas Moss.

After Veishea was cancelled, there was an enormous opportunity for the university to create a new spring tradition. Along with a $190,000 payment from Student Government, the Student Union Board had the time and the resources to open a new chapter for Iowa State.

Sure, this concert had risks. Could Iowa State gets acts that a large portion of the student population could enjoy? Would there be any issues during the concert? Would the weather be nice?

But it looks like the concert was a successful start to this new chapter.

With an estimated 2,500 people in attendance, amazing weather and strong sets from each performer, this spring concert made a big impression. KYLE, one the headliners, said “We are fresh off of Coachella and this crowd is way more lit than Coachella, I’m not lyin’.”

It’s good to see students showed up for the event and it was clear, from both the reactions of the performers and the students in attendance, they brought a positive energy with them. Everyone had a good time and hopefully created great memories.

And ultimately, that was the goal.

The idea of the spring concert was to bring students together in a safe and fun way. And it seems like everyone was able to do that. With this new tradition as the foundation, more traditions that bring our community together can be built around it.

The ISD Editorial Board is happy to see Student Government and SUB working to create a better experience for each student and trusting them to make the most of that experience. Everything came together this weekend and it really worked out.  

Hopefully, this becomes a lasting tradition at Iowa State. The spring concert has the potential to become a real staple of Iowa State culture and we hope this is the first of great spring concerts that create lasting memories for students and their university.