The Lonely Biscuits to perform Friday in the M-Shop

The Lonely Biscuits are from Nashville.

Courtesy of SUB

The Lonely Biscuits are from Nashville.


The Lonely Biscuits is set to perform this Friday night in the M-Shop. The band has performed around the country, touring with numerous bands and performing at festivals like Lollapalooza, Hangout Festival, Bonnaroo and more.

Sam Gidley, drummer for The Lonely Biscuits, never expected he would be where he is now. Up until his senior year of high school, music was on the side of sports such as basketball. Once his senior year hit, he realized music was something he could pursue. In the end, he chose to attend Belmont University in Nashville.

The Lonely Biscuits got their start when Gidley and Grady Wenrich (vocals/guitar) were random roommates. Not long after jam sessions began the two added bassist Nick Byrd and The Lonely Biscuits was born. The band played house shows, moved on to opening for other bands and started booking gigs for themselves.

“It has all kind of been a surprise. We all didn’t really plan on coming to school and starting a band. None of us really had that as a goal in mind. It just kind of happened. We have luckily just continued to grow over the years and have a lot of fun touring and all that,” said Gidley.

The Lonely Biscuits takes their inspiration from more than just their fellow bands. According to Gidley, they are huge fans of Cage the Elephants as well as other Nashville bands. Inspiration from some 90s rock, including early Weezer, has influenced their sound as well.

“It has evolved a lot over the years. I feel like in the past year or two we have kind of dialed in exactly what we want to sound like,” said Gidley.

According to Gidley, the band wants people to connect to feel a connection to their music, whether it is through the sound or through the lyrics.

Grady doesn’t recall a favorite moment from their journey. There have been a few shows that stand out in his mind, but hanging out with their fellow bands at festivals and tours would have to be one of their favorite parts. While they don’t collaborate much on songs, The Lonely Biscuits and their fellow bands inspire each other. 

“I would say my favorite festival we ever played is probably Hangout Festival. It is in Gulf Shores, [Alabama]. It is, like, on the beach and they always have a really good line up. I remember that was probably one of our best festival crowds to date. I think it was one of the largest crows we had ever played to at that point in our career. That we a really exciting weekend for us,” said Gidley.

As for the future of the band, they released their first album not too long ago, and they will most likely be working on a second this coming summer after they finish up their tour. One thing is for sure, they are not planning on slowing down.

We are always just kind of pushing harder and harder. It is, we want to enjoy the moments we are living in, but I would be lying if I didn’t say we weren’t always pushing forward to that next step. I don’t think it has hit us that, ‘oh we are successful’ or anything yet. I think we are still sort of pushing for that,” said Gidley. 

The Lonely Biscuits will perform in the M-Shop in the Memorial Union at 8 p.m. Friday night. Doors open at 7:30 p.m, and tickets cost $10 with a student ID and $12 for the public. Tickets can be purchased at the M-Shop box office or online via Midwestix.