Daily Dates Couples Reflections: Katherine Braught and Tyler Gathman



Four couples were chosen to come in and talk about some of their most intimate emotions and feelings about their relationships. Following the conversation, participants were provided a date to go on together.

Katherine Braught, straight junior in computer science, and Tyler Gathman, straight senior in chemical engineering, have been dating for 15 months. 

Tyler Gathman’s Reflection

The date went very well. We went to Brick City Grill for appetizers on a Sunday night. There was lots of casual conversation about college and life. It was nice to sit down and have a wonderful meal. Especially in college where free time can be sparse, it was awesome to have devoted time to converse with one another.

The date lasted approximately one hour. However, after the date ended, we went to Katherine’s aunt’s house to watch “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Our date at Brick City Grill turned into an entire evening of enjoying each other’s presence and helped us relax before the busy week ahead.

My favorite part of the date was seeing Katherine dressed-up in a beautiful dress since it was Easter, then spending quality time with her. I think spending quality time with our loved ones is even more important the busier we become. As a result of this experience, we will definitely have more dedicated dates in the future.

Katherine Braught’s Reflection

Our date at Brick City Grill was super fun! We had a wonderful time talking and laughing and taking a break from a busy weekend of studying. Instead of entrees, we decided to order four appetizers! We shared all the appetizers, so we could both try wings, fried pickles, chips and salsa, and crab rangoons. Neither of us has been there so it was nice to try lots of dishes!

We only spent about an hour on our date because we had just spent a whole day with family for Easter. It was still very nice to have some time alone with each other. I think my favorite part was probably when we tried taking a picture of us on the date.

We tried to take a selfie but neither of could keep a straight face because the people behind us were in the photo and smiling! Eventually, we asked the waiter to take it for us. Overall, I really enjoyed just being in the company of Tyler because he can always make me laugh or smile no matter what we are doing.