Top 5 takeaways from The 2018 Fashion Show


Jackie Norman/Iowa State Daily

Student models show off Lydia Loya’s design entitled “Adir Deron” as a part of the 2018 Fashion Show at Stephen’s Auditorium on April 14.

Olivia Hanson

After Saturday’s fashion show, here are five takeaways. 

  1. Set design

As soon as the curtains went up, the “Ooos” and “Ahhs” set in.

The set design for the first half of the show lit up the back half of the stage with five large triangle shapes outlined in lights. For the second half and Patagonia’s portion of the show, the entire backdrop changed into the greenery that has been described as the theme of “Resilience.”

It was a green paper-chain safari that took up the entire backstage and hung from the ceiling with many rows models were able to walk through as they came on and off the stage.

  1. The music

For the second year in a row, Nicholas Hadfield, Iowa State alumnus, has invoked powerful feelings through his compositions he has made for the Fashion Show as the models walked down the catwalk.

Of course this year with the theme being “Resilience,” that did not change. One couldn’t help but feel the inspiration of forcefulness and nature Hadfield felt as he was composing the music.

  1. First hijab-wearing model

Khadija Ahmed, freshman in pre-business, was selected by the Fashion Show as the first Hijab model to walk in the show.

Ahmed walked in an athletic outfit and hijab made by designer Rose Echard, junior in apparel, merchandising and design. Ahmed also walked in Patagonia’s portion of the show in their fall 2018 collection of clothing.

  1. Patagonia

This year Patagonia, as the guest designer of The Fashion Show, showcased around 30 pieces of their fall 2018 collection of clothing.

  1. The winners of the Ana Hays McCracken Scholarship

The winners of the Ana Hays McCracken Scholarship, also known as Fashion Show Producer Scholarship, are Sarah Waigand, Josie Brownmiller, Jessica Helberg and Emily Clark.