After coming off at 5-2 loss against rival Iowa, the Cyclones are looking to bounce back


Regina Espindola returns a serve. Espindola and her partner Erin Freeman played no. 3 doubles against Oklahoma on April 21 at Forker Tennis Courts. No. 3 doubles went on to lose to Oklahoma, 5-7. 

Nash Vanbibber

The Iowa State Cyclones will face the Wyoming Cowboys on Sunday, March 11, at 11 a.m in Laramie, Wyoming.

The Cyclones are coming off a 5-2 defeat against the Iowa Hawkeyes and are looking for a win to get the team back on track. 

Head coach of the women’s tennis team, Armando Espinosa, had this to say about the upcoming match this weekend. 

“This weekend we have to stay the course. We played very well against Iowa, we stayed in contention the whole match, we just couldn’t capitalize,” Espinosa said.

This will be the first time this year that the Cyclones will face the Cowboys. This match will be important for both teams as the Cyclones are looking to get a good seed for the Big 12’s. The Cowboys are looking to improve their wins since they are 5-5 currently.

“This weekend we have to get off to a good start quickly,” Espinosa said. “We have to get a feel of the ball quickly as well”.

After coming off a tough and exhausting match against Iowa, the Cyclones had Thursday practice off and for practice on Friday the team had a team stretch. The Cyclones have not hit since playing Iowa. 

The Cyclones are improving every week, learning new strategies and drills to help them get the win, but there is always something to improve according to Espinosa.

“We have to be able to capitalize better in singles. We are playing very well in doubles, Ekaterina Repina and Margarita Timakova at the No.3 position,” Espinosa said.

Some things did not go the Cyclones’ way facing off against the Hawkeyes last weekend. The team had trouble capitalizing in doubles and had chances to take the lead in singles.

“We did not take good opportunities against Iowa, hopefully this weekend we can capitalize and get the win,” Espinosa said.

The Cyclones started off well against the Hawkeyes, winning two matches in doubles, but could not get wins in singles play.

“We have to do a better job making adjustments when we are finished with doubles,” Espinosa said. “When other teams make adjustments and change up their strategies we have to be ready to change up our execution.”

The Cyclones are looking to bounce back this weekend and get a victory, but it will be a challenge since the Cowboys are notoriously a good doubles team, it will not be easy.

“We have to come out strong, play hard, and play solid doubles,” Espinosa said. “We have film on the Cowboys so we will be studying the team and figuring how we can adjust to their gameplan.”