ISSO plans events for students staying in Ames over break


Courtesy of ISSO

ISSO events available over 2018 spring break

Lindsey Settle

With spring break arriving in less than one week, the Iowa State University International Students and Scholars Office has several events planned for both international and domestic students looking to take advantage of spending their break in Ames.

With international students making up more than 11 percent of the Iowa State student population, it’s a reality for some students that home is too far away to travel back to during spring break. These ISSO events create an opportunity for international students to make those of their break.

Student advisor Rahma Belaid, who will lead two of the events said “from the international community I am from, they go for a day or two… but not for the whole spring break.”

Relaxation and entertainment are brought to the students with a variety of events to choose from.

“They are different kinds of events for different kinds of people,” said event leader Smita Singh.

Events will go on during spring break every day from Monday, Mar. 12 to Saturday, Mar. 17. All are afternoon and evening events except for the St.Patrick’s Day Parade.

Event options include: attending a board games and pizza night, salsa dancing and eating popcorn, ice skating, going to Perfect Games, socializing at an Ice Cream Social and traveling to Des Moines for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

“The rationale behind this was to get students more involved in ames, not just at ISU,” said programming graduate student assistant Anna Nesterova.

The cost of four of the six events is free, while ice skating and Perfect Games cost under $6. All events are located in Ames, Iowa except for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Des Moines, Iowa.

Transportation is provided for the St.Patrick’s Day Parade at no cost. Since space is limited, visit the International Students and Scholars website to sign up for the events.

Each event will be run by a staff member who can lead and relate to international and domestic students and who are excited to participate in the events themselves.

“We’ll set them loose to enjoy the parade…. There will be some free time if they want to go around and check out different shops,” said Jodi Cornell, study abroad coordinator and leader of the St. Patrick’s Day event. “It’s a chance for them to get downtown as well.”

Students are encouraged to participate in as many events as they are able.

According to Nesterova, it’s an opportunity for all students to better get to know one another and share their cultures.

“The goal would be to bring the international community closer,” said Nesterova.