Iowa State Rodeo Club and Barnes PRCA Rodeo partner to bring bull riding competition to Ames

Senior Malachi Schroeder (left) and junior Jackson Matthews (right) watch on during a rodeo. Those two will be participating in the bull riding event on March 2 and 3. 

Jack Shover

UPDATE March 7, 11:53 a.m.: This story has been updated to reflect the official final scores from last weekend’s event.

For the first time ever, the Iowa State Rodeo Club held a spring event. During the event, the rodeo opted to not feature bronco riding or barrel racing along with bull riding in favor of 36 different rides during the night.

The rodeo was held on Friday, March 2 and Saturday, March 3 at the Hansen Agriculture Student Learning Center with the victor being announced on Saturday.

The event was sponsored by Barnes PRCA Rodeo with the proceeds of the event went towards the Iowa State Rodeo Club.

To win the event, the riders had to accumulate the highest score along with how many times they rode on the two day weekend.

The scoring in system on a single ride is out of 100 points if the cowboy makes the full eight seconds on the bull.

Fifty of the points are awarded on how well the rider spurs and handles the ride while the other 50 are based on how well the bull performs on the ride. A bull that makes the ride as difficult as possible by turning erratically and bucking well will give the rider a higher score.

The first night, only four riders had qualifying scores.

After the last rider was bucked off, Dalton Krantz earned first place over two days with a score of 79 on Saturday after a 77 point ride on Friday. Krantz’s 79 was the high score on Friday.

Amos Yoder was bucked off on Saturday and scored that 79 on Friday to finish second overall.

The star of Saturday was Clayton Jacobs who scored an 82, after a strong ride on the bull Ralcos Microfuge.

Jacobs ended up tied at third since he only rode Saturday.

The Iowa State Rodeo Club’s Jackson Matthews and Malachi Schroeder both were bucked off of their bulls on Saturday.

Schroeder said he wasn’t happy with his performance, but also said he was injured the previous night after being stepped on in the groin area by a bull.

“It’s hard to stay focused when there is pain already and I got in my head and bucked myself off really,” Schroeder said.

Matthews said he was satisfied with his ride despite coming off only about five seconds into his ride.

“It was a buck-off, but you learn something from every [ride],” Matthews said.

Prior to every event, the riders draw which bull they will ride in the rodeo and Matthews pulled Mr. Nightlinger.

This past summer, Matthews worked for Barnes PRCA Rodeo and rode Mr. Nightlinger before that allowed him to have an idea of what the animal will do.

According to Matthews, the bull preferred to turn to the right after the chute is opened. That knowledge can help a rider be prepared for what the animal will do, or it could put a rider out of position and onto the dirt of the arena.

“It can go one of two ways because sometimes you’re dang sure that this bulls going to go out and spin to the right and that one time he might go spin to the left, so sometimes it’s a benefit to not know what he’s going to do,” Matthews said.

For Matthews, the bull did turn to the right, but he was still not able to stay on.

Looking forward, the Rodeo Club and Barnes PRCA Rodeo will look to continue the spring event into future years.