Flat Noah’s adventure with the Iowa State Daily

Emily Barske

It started with a tweet from Kelli Bloomquist, lecturer in the Greenlee School of Journalism. She said her son, Noah, wanted the Daily to help with a Flat Stanley project for her son’s class at SWG Elementary in Dayton, Iowa.

Noah is a huge Iowa State fan and was a former Kid Captain for the football team. He wanted Flat Noah to visit the Daily and get photos with Cy. 

Flat Stanley is a project that many elementary schools do. The story, while it differs from school to school, is that a student was “flattened” and uses the bright side of the situation to travel all around the world.

We thought instead of only taking Flat Noah to the Daily, we would give him a chance to experience what it’s like to work at the Daily. Because Noah is a big fan of sports, we sent Flat Noah with our reporters and photographers when they went to cover basketball games. He even got to travel to the men’s basketball Big 12 Tournament. 

Check out Flat Noah on his adventures: