Kappa Sigma sanctioned for violating six regulations


Students bike across campus during the first week of spring on Tuesday, March 21, 2017.

Mikaila Gondreau

Kappa Sigma fraternity was sanctioned for misuse of alcoholic beverages, hazing, public disorder, endangerment, damage to property and violation of conditions of recognition Jan. 31, according to the the Office of Student Conduct’s (OSC) website.

According to the Student Code of Conduct regulations, the misuse of alcoholic beverages “include, but are not limited to, the illegal possession, use, manufacture, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances both on and off campus.” The policy also prohibits supplying alcohol to minors.

Under OSC code 4.2.11, the act of hazing is “any intentional, knowing or reckless action, request or creation of circumstances that:

  • Endangers the health or safety of any individual;
  • Causes or presents a substantial risk of physical injury, serious mental distress or personal humiliation to any individual; or
  • Involves the destruction or removal of public or private property in connection with initiation or admission into, or continued membership in, any group affiliated with the university, including but not limited to, any student, campus, fraternal, academic, honorary, athletic or military organization.”

In order to be sanctioned for public disorder, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • Participate in group behavior that involves damage to property, actual violence or threatened damage to property or violence
  • Inciting a group toward immediate violent behavior;
  • Defying or refusing to obey police orders to disperse a group engaged in violent actions;
  • Inciting or encouraging a group to defy police orders to disperse when the group is engaged in violent actions;
  • Assaulting, throwing objects at or otherwise endangering police officers or city or university officials and employees engaged in quelling a riot or mass disturbance;
  • Starting, stoking or using fire, creating barricades, or blocking streets and passageways, as part of a riot or mass disturbance;
  • Interfering with police, fire and emergency medical personnel in carrying out their duties during a riot or mass disturbance; or
  • Attempting to circumvent or defeat police crowd-control measures.

Under OSC code 4.2.15, endangerment is defined as “the creation of a hazard, endangering the physical safety of self or others by engaging in a dangerous activity or using hazardous materials or chemicals.”

Damage to property is defined as “actual or attempted unauthorized taking, use, misappropriation or damage to property or services owned or maintained by the university, property owned or controlled by recognized student organizations, by a member of the university or Ames communities, by any person or visitor on campus or by any person attending a university-sponsored event is a violation.”

A sanction for violating conditions of recognitions is given when a registered student or campus organization fails to meet disciplinary regulations for those organizations. When in violation or not in compliance, those organizations may be denied privileges by OSC until they comply with conditions of recognition.

Members of Kappa Sigma were unable to be reached for comment.

Kappa Sigma must complete a comprehensive review and revision of risk management policies by May 1, 2018. They must also review and revise their pledge program under the supervision of a professional staff member in the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Engagement.

The new pledge process must comply with federal, state and local laws, university rules and regulations, and the Kappa Sigma Code of Conduct. Kappa Sigma’s sanction will be complete on Dec. 21, 2018. They will not be able pledge, initiate or otherwise add members until that date.

This was the second sanction of the 2018 spring semester. Of the sanctions listed on the OSC website, 36 of them are greek.