10 study tips to get you ready for midterms

Maria Pimentel-Diaz

It’s midterm time! Here are some study tips that can help you make the most of your time and ace those tests:

  1. Find a place to study that works for you like the tiers at the Library or the Hixon-Lied Student Success Center.

  2. Find a study buddy who is in the same class as you and can help with the material you don’t know.

  3. Study during the day, research shows that one hour of studying during the day equals one and a half hours at night.

  4. Study ahead of time, don’t leave it for the night before!

  5. Schedule specific times to study and turn off your phone to avoid distractions.

  6. Make use of SI, your professors and TA’s office hours and any sort of review to ask questions about the exam and the material.

  7. Review your notes for 10 minutes each day to keep the information fresh.

  8. Divide your information into chunks, you’ll remember small chunks of information rather than big chunks.

  9. Give yourself a reward after studying a particularly hard subject.

  10. Remember to take breaks, long periods of studying without any sort of break has been proven to be counterproductive.

For more study tips visit the Academic Success Center located in 1060 Hixon-Lied Student Success Center!