ISU Black History Month presents Walter Thompson-Hernandez to talk about multiracial identity

Naye Valenzuela

With a master’s degree in Latin American studies from Stanford University and a doctorate in Chicana and Chicano studies, Walter Thompson-Hernandez, current New York Times multimedia journalist shares his passion of his work that can be found on NPR, the Huffington Post and many other news organizations.

Hernandez will present at 7 p.m. on Feb. 22 in the Sun Room in the Memorial Union and is sponsored by the Latino/a Studies Program and the Committee on Lectures.

The Los Angeles-based journalist comes to bring up the discussion many students do not know about, the multiracial identity that is prevalent in the United States.

Following the theme of Black History Month, Hernandez’s lecture brings up the history of Black Americans and Mexicans in the United States and connects one another with similar and different struggles both communities faced in the past and what they face in the present.

The quadrilingual speaker comes to Iowa State to talk about his experience as a Blaxican (Black-Mexican) and how important it is to include multiracial/multinational communities into the diversity conversation. With people identifying as multiracial/multinational, Hernandez stresses to listen to their stories and struggles.

He expresses this importance through his writing, his photography and his videos which allow the viewer to see different perspectives and views on what it means to be multiracial.