SUB announces time and location of spring concert


Courtesy of SUB

The Student Union Board announced the location, time and date of the SUB Outdoor Concert through Twitter on the morning of Feb. 1, 2018.

Tristan Wade

Iowa State’s Student Union Board announced this spring’s outdoor concert will take place at 4 p.m. on April 22 in the parking lot of the Molecular Biology building on campus via Twitter this morning.

SUB also shared four silhouettes of the artists who will be performing at the concert. There are three individual silhouettes featured and one group of three.

“I’m excited to do an announcement like this because we haven’t done anything like this before,” said Hannah Walton, former SUB executive board member.

All four of the participating artists will be announced on Monday, according to the tweet.

The style of the announcement builds anticipation as students try to guess who the four performers will be.

“I like that it wasn’t a countdown because those are kind of boring,” said Angela Chamberlain, Maintenance Shop co-director.

In November 2017, Student Government voted to approve $190,000 to fund this outdoor concert.

“That money we allocated tonight was to make sure we can make this event successful so that it can be a reoccurring event for students in the future,” West said on Nov. 29.

At the time of the November announcement, an unofficial estimate of the ticket prices by SUB was around $25 for students.

The $190,000 came out of Student Government’s special projects account.

The event will be similar to the concerts SUB puts on every spring, but this time four artists and the outdoor setting will be new.

“It’s a nice change for SUB to do something outside,” said Cory Bock, multicultural awareness director.