DG’s Tap House welcomes new manager

Haley Steen is the new manager of DG’s Taphouse on Main Street in Ames. 


Local music and self-expression has thrived at DG’s Tap House for years. It’s the self-pronounced premier rock club in town. The general manager position is the middle man between an Ames audience and local talent.

The general manager, among other responsibilities, is tasked with booking a constant variety of entertainment every week. Nate Logsdon was the general manager during the restaurant’s inception, and then it was up to Adam Brimeyer, a position he held for the past two years. Now, Brimeyer has passed the torch to Haley Steen.

“Adam is touring with some bands over the summer as well as some sound engineering work,” Steen said, “Its daunting to work as a manager of the bar along with other tasks, but he moved on to bigger and better things.”

Steen looks to expand upon the position in interesting ways, learning from the desires of the customers that she has tend to personally in the past. She is doing things her own way, staying close to home with events and entertainment, and offering something for every niche in Ames.

“Were going to do a lot more community events throughout the week, things like poetry and open mics,” Steen said, “We link up with a lot of Iowa State organizations such as a few nights when people from the theatre department come in and do sketches or playwrights.”

Steen excitedly explained the future of music at DG’s as well.

“Every Friday and Saturday night we will have music no matter what,” Steen said, “Most of the time it will be free but once in a while there will be a small fee for touring bands coming through. The lineups through April are pretty stacked, so the concrete schedule will be coming out very soon.”

Working as a bartender at DG’s for the past five years, Steen was an easy choice for general manage once the decision for a replacement from within the company was made.  

“Once I told them I was interested, they approached me about a week later,” Steen said, “Maybe I’m still not used to the job though, because my favorite part of the job remains meeting all the different people we serve and learning their stories.”

Rudy Miller was a co-worker of Steen’s who now finds himself as her subordinate. He, like most of the employees at DG’s, is optimistic for the future under Steen’s leadership.

“Haley stepped up when no one else could and she’s making one hell of an effort to make DG’s into the grand venue she envisions,” Miller said, “She wants the bar to be successful, meaning booking the best acts locally and nationally. She is packing in the house while maintaining the DG’s legacy for being a safe and entertaining environment for anyone.”