Your guide to the 2018 Winter Olympic Games


The Olympic Cauldron at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. 

Emily Clement

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games are taking place in PyeongChang, South Korea.

The opening ceremonies will take place Friday at 7 a.m. CST, but can be seen here on NBC at 7 p.m.

The Games will include many different events: alpine skiing, biathlon, bobsleigh, cross-country skiing, curling, figure skating, freestyle skiing, ice hockey, luge, nordic combined, short track speed skating, skeleton, ski jumping, snowboard and speed skating.

Here is a breakdown of when each of these events will take place, including only medal awarding events, according to the Olympic Games website:

(The games will be shown on NBC as scheduled programming or they can be streamed live through the Olympic Games website.)

Saturday, Feb. 10:

Biathlon: Women’s 7.5km Sprint

Cross-Country Skiing: Ladies’ 7.5km + 7.5km Skiathlon

Short Track Speed Training: Men’s 1,500m Final

Ski Jumping: Men’s Normal Hill Individual

Speed Skating: Women’s 3000m

Sunday, Feb. 11

Alpine Skiing: Men’s Downhill

Biathlon: Men’s 10km Sprint

Cross-Country Skiing: Men’s 15 km + 15 km Skiathlon

Freestyle Skiing: Ladies’ Moguls

Luge: Men’s Singles

Snowboard: Men’s Slopestyle

Speed Skating: Men’s 5,000m

Monday, Feb. 12

Alpine Skiing: Ladies’ Giant Slalom

Biathlon: Women’s 10km Pursuit and Men’s 12.5km Pursuit

Figure Skating: Team Event, Ice Dance Free Dance

Freestyle Skiing: Men’s Moguls

Ski Jumping: Ladies’ Normal Hill Individual

Snowboard: Ladies’ Slopestyle

Speed Skating: Ladies’ 1,500m

Tuesday, Feb. 13

Alpine Skiing: Men’s Alpine Combined, Salom

Cross-Country Skiing: Ladies’ Sprint Classic and Men’s Sprint Classic

Curling: Mixed Doubles (Bronze) and Mixed Doubles (Gold)

Luge: Women’s Singles

Short Track Speed Skating: Ladies’ 500m

Snowboard: Ladies’ Halfpipe

Speed Skating: Men’s 1,500m

Wednesday, Feb. 14

Alpine Skiing: Ladies’ Slalom

Biathlon: Women’s 15km Individual

Luge: Doubles

Nordic Combined: Individual Gundersen NH/10km

Snowboard: Men’s Halfpipe

Speed Skating: Ladies’ 1,000m

Thursday, Feb. 15

Alpine Skiing: Men’s Super-G

Biathlon: Men’s 20km Individual

Cross-Country Skiing: Ladies’ 10km Free

Figure Skating: Pair Skating, Free Skating

Luge: Team Relay

Snowboard: Men’s Snowboard Cross

Speed Skating: Men’s 10,000m

Friday, Feb. 16

Cross-Country Skiing: Men’s 15km Free

Freestyle Skiing: Ladies’ Aerials

Skeleton: Men

Snowboard: Ladies’ Snowboard Cross

Speed Skating: Ladies’ 5,000m

Saturday, Feb. 17

Alpine Skiing: Ladies’ Super-G

Biathlon: Women’s 12.5km Mass Start

Cross-Country Skiing: Ladies’ 4 x 5km Relay

Figure Skating: Men’s Single Skating

Freestyle Skiing: Ladies’ Ski Slopestyle

Short Track Speed Skating: Ladies’ 1,500m and Men’s 1,000m

Ski Jumping: Men’s Large Hill Individual

Sunday, Feb. 18

Alpine Skiing: Men’s Giant Slalom

Biathlon: Men’s 15km Mass Start

Cross-Country Skiing: Men’s 4 x 10km Relay

Freestyle Skiing: Men’s Ski Slopestyle and Men’s Aerials

Speed Skating: Ladies’ 500m

Monday, Feb. 19

Bobsleigh: 2-man

Ski Jumping: Men’s Team

Speed Skating: Men’s 500m

Tuesday, Feb. 20

Biathlon: 2x6km Women + 2×7.5km Men Mixed Relay

Figure Skating: Ice Dance, Free Dance

Freestyle Skiing: Ladies’ Ski Halfpipe

Nordic Combined: Individual Gundersen LH/10km

Short Track Speed Skating: Ladies’ 3,000m Relay

Wednesday, Feb. 21

Alpine Skiing: Ladies’ Downhill

Bobsleigh: Women

Cross-Country Skiing: Ladies’ Team Sprint Free and Men’s Team Spirit Free

Freestyle Skiing: Men’s Ski Cross

Ice Hockey: Women (Bronze)

Speed Skating: Ladies’ Team Pursuit (Bronze and Gold) and Men’s Team Pursuit (Bronze and Gold)

Thursday, Feb. 22

Alpine Skiing: Men’s Slalom

Biathlon: Women’s 4x6km Relay

Freestyle Skiing: Men’s Ski Halfpipe

Ice Hockey: Women’s (Gold)

Nordic Combined: Team Gundersen LH/4x5km

Short Track Speed Skating: Men’s 500m, Ladies’ 1,000m and Men’s 5,000m Relay

Friday, Feb. 23

Alpine Skiing: Ladies’ Alpine Combined

Biathlon: Men’s 4×7.5km Relay

Curling: Men’s (Bronze)

Figure Skating: Ladies’ Single Skating

Freestyle Skiing: Ladies’ Ski Cross

Snowboard: Ladies’ Big Air

Speed Skating: Men’s 1,000m

Saturday, Feb. 24

Alpine Skiing: Alpine Team Event (Broze and Gold)

Cross-Country Skiing: Men’s 50km Mass Start Classic

Curling: Men’s (Gold) and Women’s (Bronze)

Ice Hockey: Men’s (Bronze)

Snowboard: Ladies’ Big Air

Speed Skating: Ladies’ Mass Start and Men’s Mass Start

Sunday, Feb. 25

Bobsleigh: 4-man

Cross-Country Skiing: Ladies’ 30km Mass Start Classic

Curling: Women’s (Gold)

Ice Hockey: Men’s (Gold)

You can keep track of the medal count on the NBC Olympics website.