Poor road conditions caused multiple accidents around Iowa Monday


Courtesy of Iowa Department of Transportation

One person is dead and multiple people are severely injured after this multi-car accident on I-35 outside Ames.

Tristan Wade

One person has been reported dead and several seriously injured after a 50-to-70-vehicle accident on southbound I-35 near Ames, authorities said. The pile-up involved cars, semi-trucks and buses.

The accident caused all four lanes of traffic to close for part of the afternoon. The road has been cleared now and all involved have been medically attended to. At the time, the interstate was closed from 13th Street to U.S. 30.

As reported by the Des Moines Register, there have been a large number of accidents across Iowa on Monday due to snow that caused poor road conditions for some.

In addition, the Dancing With the Stars: Live! Light Up the Night event that was scheduled for Monday night in C.Y. Stephens Auditorium has been cancelled. The tour bus was involved in a “multi-car accident” while on its way to Ames.

The entire cast and crew is reported to be fine, with some being treated for “minor injuries.”

According to the Iowa State Center, information about refunds or rescheduling will be available soon.