Sinclair: The All-Star Draft should be televised



Isaac Sinclair

Sometimes you have to take a deep breath, adjust your glasses and blow up everything you know in order to make room for necessary changes. The NBA All-Star Game needed this type of demolition.

Before this year, the format of east and west wasn’t broken, but it wasn’t perfect either. Players only had a chance to play with certain players in their conference and it restricted the combination of teammates that could be put together.

However, the real issue was effort. Players didn’t try on either end of the floor, and you could tell. There was no defense being played and everyone just took the night off.

Obviously, no one wanted to get hurt and ruin their chances of competing for a championship. That was always a concern, but the way the All-Star Game was played became laughable.

So a change was made.

Voting would remain the same, but instead of east versus west, the two players who had the most votes in each conference would draft their team, no matter what conference a player was from.

Give NBA Commissioner Adam Silver credit for not being afraid to make a change that, if it failed, could have backfired in a lot of ways. There was an inherent amount of risk breaking a tradition that has lasted decades. The media and fans would have been angry that the All-Star game had somehow gotten worse if this new format failed.

But it worked.

The players played with a safe amount of effort, the game was close, there were new combinations of teammates and it was fun. Team LeBron beat Team Stephen by three points and a defensive play decided the game.

With the new All-Star proving itself successful, anyone who even remotely enjoys basketball would like to see the draft for the All-Star Game televised. It is inherently dramatic and interesting television, and everyone would tune in to watch. Not only would fans love it, but players might play harder if they were picked last or after a guy they thought they were better than.

It is a win-win for everyone. Who doesn’t want to see that?

I understand the NBA’s caution with the new format and wanting to make sure it worked before they aired the All-Star Draft. However it works and they’ve seen the results they needed. Next year, let’s roll out the camera crews and see who goes where in the All-Star Draft.