Letter from the editor: Help us take the next step up in 2018


Emily Barske, 2017-2018 editor-in-chief. 

Emily Barske

If you’re new to the Iowa State community, if you’ve been here as long as you can remember or if you’re embarking on your last chapter at Iowa State (like me), welcome to 2018.

This year, the Iowa State Daily is focused on taking the next step up. We hope that you all will take the next step — whatever that may be for you — as well. We all play a role in continuing to make a positive impact at Iowa State. 

We have plans in place to make each segment of our organization better to continue providing you all with information to make educated decisions, while opening a platform for public discourse. In addition to the content we’re producing every day, which includes news coverage, sports, arts and entertainment, we have some new initiatives that we’re focusing on.

  • Redesigning the Daily Dose: After our first semester issuing the Daily Dose, we spent time incorporating feedback about the design and type of content included in the email newsletter. Our new design, meant to make information more digestible, includes more content to keep you in the loop. We are also excited to announce that we will have separate student editions and faculty and staff editions. And, don’t worry, you’ll still be getting the joke of the day. Give us your feedback!
  • Depth stories: Last semester, we launched a depth team that looked into things like how a rental ordinance affects housing in Ames and how changes to DACA may affect some members of our community. This semester, we will be focusing on issues like state funding for higher education, Student Government elections and other topics that are more investigative in nature. Have anything you want us to look into? Email Depth Editor Alex Connor.
  • Podcasts: We are partnering with KHOI to create podcasts digging into subjects that we often overlook in the community. We hope they pique your curiosity. 
  • Community partnerships: We are always looking for ways to partner with organizations in our community that have a shared mission. We are currently working with Special Collections on a monthly section called Ask Adonijah, where readers can submit a question about Iowa State’s history. We will start working with Joe Fetherling, vice president of philanthropy for the interfraternity council, to highlight philanthropic efforts in the Greek community each month. Additionally, we will be partnering with the Green Dot program for content about sexual assault awareness. Reach out if you have an idea you want to collaborate on!
  • Voices: We are continuing our Voices project, which seeks to facilitate civil discourse and build awareness about diversity on Iowa State’s campus. This semester you’ll see more content and in-person community conversations. In creating stories for the Voices project, our staff takes a deep dive into identity and intersectionality. In addition to the stories we tell, the project is driven by community members submitting story ideas and their own pieces, in their own words. Submit your own piece or talk to Voices Editor Megan Salo about ideas you have. 
  • Special projects: We’ll be continuing to publish our weekly entertainment section, The Draft (so pick it up on newsstands every Tuesday!). In February, you’ll hear about our project to discuss healthy relationships — and we’re providing dates to those who participate.

These are just some of the things we’ll be doing this semester, but we can’t do it without you. Take time to consume and share our content, stop by our office and engage with us. We always look for feedback and want to know how we can serve you better!

How to reach us: 

-Shoot me an email at [email protected].

-Stop by at 2420 Lincoln Way, Suite 205, Ames, IA 50014. 

-Give us a call at 515-294-2003.

On behalf of the Iowa State Daily, we hope you have a great semester!