Minot State hands Cyclones a sweep in 4-1 loss

Junior Nick Sandy exchange words with member of the Minot State Hockey team Following a fight between the two teams Dec. 3 at the Ames Ice Arena during the third period. The Cyclones were defeated by Minot State 4-1.

Allyson Werner

After last night’s 3-0 shutout handed over to Iowa State from the No. 2 ranked ACHA rivals the Minot State Beavers, the Cyclones were not able to to tie up the series, creating the second losing weekend after getting swept previously by the Robert Morris Eagles.

The momentum from the first game seemed to carry over as both teams came out playing hard in the first period with tempers flaring as players pushed and shoved.

“Under the circumstances, I am really proud of them,” said coach Jason Fairman about his team’s play against the Beavers over the weekend.

Cyclone starting goaltender Derek Moser was able to make a few saves at the beginning of the period to keep the game scoreless, but was not able to stop a point blank shot from in front of the net as Beavers forward Sam Briscoe was able to put one blocker side on Moser to open the scoring 1-0.

The Cyclones, who after the goal spent a lot of time in their own defensive zone, were given the chance to tie things up as Minot State forward Shain Scheschuk took a penalty for elbowing, sending the Cyclones to a power play. Although the Cyclones got a few good chances in front of the net on the power play, they were not able to capitalize, keeping the score 1-0 for the Beavers. Moser stopped 7-of-8 shots.

The first period deficit did not sit well with the Cyclones as senior defensemen Kody Reuter put one glove side from the top left circle on the Beavers goaltender to tie up the game 1-1. Moser, who made some much needed saves early in the period, was able to keep the score tied as Adam Alcott took the Cyclones first penalty of the game, sending the Beavers to the power play.

A close chance for the Beavers came after Beavers forward Adam Wowryk was sent on a breakaway after coming out of the penalty box at the tail end of a Cyclones power play. Moser, as well as the Cyclones defense, was able to stand tall and challenge.

Things got crazy late in the second period, and the floodgates opened for the Beavers late in the third as they were able to score three goals in 1:55 on the Cyclones, creating a 4-1 lead at the end of the second period.

“I was disappointed,” said Fairman about the Beavers late goals. “Because our backs were against the wall, and we knew we were faced with having forwards playing defense, it was in their minds a backbreaker that they didn’t think that they deserved.”

Goals from the Beavers came from Bollefer, Scheschuk and O’Connor.

Moser was pulled after giving up three goals in the second period, replaced by fellow senior goaltender Matt Goedeke, getting his first time in the net this series. With a chippy third period between the two teams, tempers flared and multiple fights broke out, causing a Beavers player to get ejected from the game.

Both teams fought hard to the end, but the Minot State Beavers ended up on top at the end of the game 4-1, shutting out the Cyclones in a fast paced series.

The Cyclones have one more tough challenge ahead of them next weekend when the Indiana Tech Warriors come to visit, the last series before winter break.

“We need guys healthy. This has been something we have battled, and a lot of games we haven’t had a full lineup for various reasons, we just want to try and get as many guys healthy as we can,” Fairman said about the Cyclones, who have been dealing with various injuries to players throughout the season.

The Warriors are on a six-game winning streak and currently have a record of 13-0-1.