Getting the perfect manicure at home


Courtesy of Kris Atomic on Unsplash

Doing your own manicure at home can be easy and affordable with the right products!

Avery Thompson

Going to get your nails done can be stressful. You want to find a nice salon and people that know what they are doing.

There are many options to choose from: acrylics, gel polish or regular polish. By the time you figure out what kind of nails you want, then there’s what color and what you want them to look like.

Once they start working on your nails then there’s whether or not you like what they are doing and sometimes you feel too bad to say anything. Once all is said and done, it adds up to cost a pretty penny.

If you’re ready to ditch all that trouble and want to pick up a new hobby, at-home manicures are a great alternative.

Gel Polish Starter Kit

This starter kit from beetles Gel Polish is a great way to get into gel polish. This starter comes with the basics for a simple manicure. It also comes with a set of six different colors to begin with. There are many different sets of colors to choose from to find your perfect match.

Acrylic Nails

If you’re not wanting to use your natural nails, you use acrylic nails. These nail tips from Ohlove are not only sturdy, but cheap for their price. Each kit comes with 10 different sizes to help you find the best match for your nail. These 500-piece kits are sure to satisfy your perfect nail needs and last you a long time. 

Travel Kit

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get your nails done, this beetles Gel Polish gel kit is great for on the go nails. This works for last minute plans, vacations, or even if you just don’t want your supplies to take up too much space. This kit is ideal for busy and/or minimalistic nail lovers. 

Nail Art Gel

For the creative people who love to decorate their nails, this is for the artist in you. The thin nail brushes from Winstonia have a variety of sets with lots of fun colors to choose from. These are easy to work with that will make you proud of the designs you’re able to make.

Nail Stand

If you struggle with painting your own nails but still want to do them yourself, these nail stands will improve your skill. These stands from Lenlorry come with sticky tac to stick your acrylic nails to it. These stands will allow you to be more precise and mess-free while making the process less stressful. 

If you get a wild hair one day and want to try and do your own nails, it’s a fun way to pass time and you can show off your skills off to everyone. Happy painting!