Throwback Thursday: East Hall


East Hall, previously known as the Dairy Building and the Agricultural Annex, pictured from the southwest in 1904.

Ian Steenhoek

East Hall

Pictured in 1904 after its construction, and again in December 2017.

Students are standing in front of the building in the archive photo.

In the modern photo, the addition to East Hall (called the East Hall Addition) is present. Students are commuting near the building. There is also the presence of paved roads and sidewalks.

East Hall was known as the Dairy Building when it was first constructed until 1928. The purpose of the building was to expand the creamery at Iowa State College. The Iowa Legislature allotted $45,000 for building in 1903.

In 1928, the Dairy Department moved to the Dairy Industries Building. The building was transformed into classroom and office space and renamed the Agricultural Annex.

In 1961 the building was renamed East Hall. 

The East Hall Addition was finished in 1970. Initial plans had it as a separate structure between East Hall and the Dairy Industries Building. Other plans had it slated as a building next to East Hall.

Ultimately the building was built as an extension to East Hall.