Letter: Possible CFP errors exist

Before I start, I want to let it be known that I do, in fact, believe that Alabama is deserves to be in the top four. I believe that the College Football Committee has got it correct.

However, I also believe that both me and the committee could be dead wrong. I believe that there is a strong possibility that UCF could be the “champions who never got the chance”. This is because if history has taught us anything, it has always been apparent that human error exists.

Whether it is with stocks or weather forecasting or even guessing which team will win it all, humans are typically wrong more times than we would like to admit, especially when picking four teams out of more than 120 in the nation.

I look at how bad Ohio State got creamed last year and remember the “what if” scenarios from the BCS era involving TCU (2011), Boise State (2007), and Utah (2005 & ’09) and I look at UCF this year. I wonder if in the future if the Iowa Hawkeyes have an off year and everybody in the Big XII beat each other up, if the weak strength of schedule would cost ISU a spot in the playoff.

It is clear that the high probability of human error and a clear lack of criteria when determining teams is evident with the College Football Playoff Committee. It is literally impossible to pick the top 4 teams based solely on opinion yet this is how the NCAA does it. Undefeated teams are not given a chance prove they are worthy. UCF cannot improve its strength of schedule because Alabama and Auburn would rather play teams like Mercer than chance it with UCF.

To improve the playoff system, there has to be criteria for eliminating teams and for guaranteeing teams in the playoff (like conference championships). The human element can still play a role for seeding purposes and for tie-breaking on who gets in but the bottom line is there needs to be something because the probability of human error is very high, especially with just four teams.

Last semester I tried to pass a resolution in Student Government. My colleagues ripped into me about how it was a complete joke. I will admit that it was a bit poorly written but rather than help improve it, I was told that “sports related stuff is a waste of time” (compared to the funding bills for sports clubs and a resolution asking for BYU to be excluded from the Big XII).

I am writing this because I care for the students on the football team. I am taking action and asking for improvements to a system because I do not want to see ISU or anybody else snubbed because of a weak schedule.

Think about it. If Wisconsin was on the outside looking in for most of the season, who is to say the same will not happen to ISU?