Sigma Chi sanctioned for hazing, Phi Gamma Delta sanctioned for contempt


Ian Steenhoek/Iowa State Daily

The Memorial Union, pictured in Sept. 2017. Students are sitting on the recently constructed benches near the Fountain of Four Seasons.

Sarah Muller

Sigma Chi was sanctioned for hazing, contempt, misuse of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances and violation of conditions of recognition, while Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) has been sanctioned for contempt, misuse of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances and violation of conditions of recognition.

The sanctions were posted on the Office of Student Conduct’s (OSC) website, however the sanctions for Sigma Chi took place Dec. 7 and FIJI on Dec. 6.

A violation under the code of contempt can be classified if one of the following are met:

  • Failure to appear before any university adjudicatory or regulatory body as summoned;
  • Failure to comply with any disciplinary sanctions or interim measures.
  • Failure to comply with the directive of authorized university officials or police officers;
  • Failure to identify oneself or to show an identification card when requested to do so by authorized university officials or police officers; or
  • Providing, procuring, or seeking to procure, false testimony in any university or administrative process.

There have now been four counts of contempt this semester. 

“Our office responds to reports of misconduct with investigations, adjudicates cases in alignment with the Student Disciplinary Regulations, involves necessary stakeholders/advisors in the process, and imposes or recommends sanctions that best address the circumstances,” said Sara Kellogg, director of OSC. 

In order to be sanctioned for hazing, under OSC code 4.2.11, it is “any internal, knowing, or reckless action, request or creation of circumstance that:

  • Endangers the health or safety of any individual;
  • Causes or presents a substantial risk of physical injury, serious mental distress, or personal humiliation to any individual; or
  • Involves the destruction or removal of public or private property in connection with initiation or admission into, or continued membership in, any group affiliated with the university, including but not limited to, any student, campus, fraternal, academic, honorary, athletic, or military organization.”

For its violations, Sigma Chi has deferred its suspension through fall semester 2018, social host probation through May 6 as well as the following according to the OSC website: 

“Prior to participation in any recruitment activities- must submit comprehensive review and plan outlining new member/pledge education process and procedures including assurance on how they will not be engaging in any activities that would represent hazing.

“Additionally restrictions/ requirements as indicated by Sigma Chi Headquarters (HQ): probationary status through Dec. 31, 2019, complete a membership review with results of OSC by Jan. 31, conduct educational programming involving HQ staff through Spring/Fall 2018, hold two non-alcoholic events during their probation period approved by their HQ and OSC, redo officer elections for the spring 2018 semester.” 

On Oct. 18, Sigma Chi was put on interim suspension of organizational privileges for unrecognized reasons at the time. The president of the fraternity gave the following statement at that time:

“We were recently informed that there has been an interim notice of suspension on our fraternity,” said Joey Stauffer, senior in mechanical engineering and president of Sigma Chi. “At this time, we have no further details, but we will comply fully with Iowa State and its Office of Student Conduct. All matters to our organization, members and future members, are taken very seriously and investigated thoroughly. We are working with Iowa State to conduct a full investigation.”

Stauffer did not give immediate comment because he wanted to consult Sigma Chi’s Alumni Corporation Board Public Relations Chairman.

FIJI was sanctioned with conduct probation through April 1, social host probation through April 1 and a comprehensive review of risk management policies and procedures by April 1. The review must address “that the space is controlled and includes reasonable measures to ensure that underage people are not consuming alcohol.” 

The Daily has reached out to Phi Gamma Delta for comment. In an email, the FIJI President, Austin Sehnert, sophomore in computer engineering, said that Phi Gamma Delta was unable to comment at this time given such short notice.

Billy Boulden, director of Greek Affairs, has been contacted, but has not yet responded. 

These two sanctions total this semester’s sanctions to nine cases through the OSC, all of which have been greek. During the spring semester there were four; all cases were greek. Now, 44 of the last 46 sanctions in the past four years have been greek chapters.

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