Editorial: Sexual assault reports are bringing light to the issue


harvey weinstein

Editorial Board

Since the sexual harassment and rape allegations against Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein were initially reported by New York Times and The New Yorker, a national and global wave of similar accusations has been initiated.

The scandal has elicited an unending outbreak of sexual harassment allegations and provoked others to disclose their related misfortunes. For instance, actress Alyssa Milano spearheaded the #MeToo campaign on Twitter to make people realize the extent of the issue. It was a courageous step where victims of sexual misconduct were given an opportunity to communicate that something happened to them without getting into details. 

Allegations of sexual misconduct, ranging from inappropriate text messages to rape, have been made against several high-profile personalities including film producers, directors, actors, writers, reporters, politicians and businessmen. And no one knows where this wave would end.

The matter of concern is that even famous media personalities, who were exposing sexual harassment scandals in the past are now being accused by their own colleagues. For instance, the famous television host Charlie Rose and Mark Halperin, the NBC News and MSNBC contributor and co-author of “Game Change,” have been accused of sexual misconducts and terminated from their services. 

Men abusing women is not new, but is as old as time. And now, sexual harassment is so prevalent that it has become one of the major workplace hitches.

As these allegations are surfacing, companies are acting quickly to hand out terminations. By firing the accused, the companies are attempting to avoid any backlash from the public for keeping a sexual predator on their staff and are taking a stance against this behavior. 

The situation paints an uncertain picture of the fate of the perpetrator’s work and that of those linked with them. For instance, Charlie Rose owns his own production company, Charlie Rose Inc., and the future of his staff is awfully unclear because his show has been dropped, and his staff was working exclusively for him.

Undoubtedly, these wrongdoers must be punished and held accountable for their bad attitude toward women. We’re in the unfortunate position that we also need to consider what we will do with the work that these men have produced in the past.

If there is anything fortunate about this situation, it may be that the prevalence of this issue is finally coming to light. Hopefully, that’s enough for us to finally put our foot down and teach our society that this type of behavior isn’t acceptable and should never have been acceptable.