Review: Lauv brings musical passion to the M-Shop

The Garveys performed stripped down cover versions of popular songs with only guitar and vocals.


The artist Lauv performed at the M-Shop Saturday night, and the passion in his performance was tangible from the start. From beginning to end, Lauv’s love for music was displayed though songs about heartbreak, relationships, and love. 

The show was opened by The Garveys, a duo who performed stripped down covers of popular songs. Their music focused on harmonies and new arrangements which made their sound unique. The Garveys were a good start to the show, and it would have been even better if we didn’t have to wait about fifteen minutes for Lauv to come out after.

Lauv’s music is extremely easy to groove to. Hard-down beats give his music a rock feel, but the synthesizer piano and the heart felt lyrics give his music a unique sound you will not get anywhere else. Lauv played solos on the guitar and piano during some songs, emphasizing he musical talent.

Lauv sings with his heart, as well as his entire body. There was not one place on that stage where he hadn’t been. His hands would reach out to the audience to bring them into the song with him. He interacted with the audience during the climaxes of his set, and he was also consumed in his world for others.

Lauv left me inspired by his words and moved by his music. His music is sincerely written and uniquely performed. Songs such as “The Other” and “Breath” left me and the audience with insight into the artist and into ourselves.

Lauv has been playing music his whole life, but it wasn’t until he moved to New York for college that he became an artist. His motivation for the change? He wanted to express himself in a way he had never done so before. Music has been a way for him to open up to the world and get past his struggle with low self confidence.

“I want people to feel more comfortable expressing what they feel and not being so afraid to be vulnerable with the world. I spent so long being so afraid to be who i was and to express that … Then i just let it out,” Lauv said.

“That is how we connect as humans. We spent so much time on this earth not really connecting with people. It is as easy as just being in a conversation and saying something that is real like admitting a flaw or whatever you are going through. It just humanizes you so much. It brings a conversation to such a human place. That is why i do this,” Lauv stated. 

Lauv never expected to be where he is today. He has had amazing opportunities he will never forget, like the time he found out he was touring with Ed Sheeran on his morning run. Even though he is “An asshole before I get my coffee,” he immediately called his parents and told him the news.

In a post-show interview, Lauv gave advice to people looking into the music business, and I believe his advice encompasses his music and his life. Lauv changed from a man who was scared to be the artist to the developed, emotional musician. Lauv’s vulnerable music was moving, and his advice cultivated by this change is even more so.

“To me its like three layers: Never giving up, always being focused on the actual craft and never lossing touch with why you started doing it,” Lauv said.