Limelight’s most disappointing albums of 2017

Limelight Staff

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“Everything Now” by Arcade Fire

UGH. What happened?

“Witness” by Katy Perry

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Royal Blood – “How Did We Get So Dark?”

Royal Blood’s self-titled album wasn’t a perfect album, but it caught a lot of attention, thrusting the band into almost immediate stardom. For their sophomore effort, I was hoping they would have ironed out the kinks that plagued the first, but “How Did We Get So Dark?” is just more of the same.

Outside of the title track, and the singles “Lights Out,” and “Hook Line and Sinker,” everything else is mediocre and forgettable due to little variation between tracks. It seems that they simply aren’t creatively suited to their instrumental setup of only a bass guitar, and drum kit, with the very occasional synth.