Hints at Vine 2 surface on Twitter

Trevor Knabach

Vine took the social media world by storm when it was released to the public in early 2013, bringing a new viral element to the table.

The short six second loops increased in popularity with time and turned some content creators into celebrities overnight.

Vine was shut down by its parent company, Twitter, in January of 2017 to the dismay of many users.

Complications such as lack of monetization of videos led to a steady decline in popularity which ultimately resulted in its demise.

However, there is still hope for fans of Vine. On Dec. 6, Dom Hofmann, one of the original creators of Vine, posted this tweet teasing at the release of Vine 2, which has been rumored about for quite some time.

There is now a Vine 2 Twitter account, which tweets updates and teasers for the upcoming platform, including this tweet which points to a launch date for users in March of 2018.

Vine 2 will be incorporating changes to try and eliminate the problems that led to the demise of the original Vine.

One of which has already been announced is a ‘Nope’ button that will allow users to rid their feed of content they dislike in order to get a personalized experience.

Although there is obvious speculation as to if Vine 2 will be as popular as Vine was at its prime or if the company can avoid the problems that plagued it before, there are many on Twitter who have their hopes high: