Rec Services Group Fitness Schedule Released

Audrey Nelson

New Year’s resolutions may have been long broken, but it’s never too late to start over with more focus and a healthy mindset. Recreation Services offers a wide variety of fitness classes varying in level of difficulty and what kind of exercise the class will focus on. 

The classes are broken into three levels with level three being the most difficult. The list also indicates the type of exercise the class focuses on. Classes are sorted into categories such as cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular endurance, flexibility and muscular strength. Iowa State students and rec pass holders do not need to register, sign up or pay for classes.

Three new level I classes are available, with the first being “The Bachelor” Cycle. The class will be watching ABC’s 22nd season of “The Bachelor” while cycling.

TRX Blast is another new class and stands for Total Body Resistance eXercise. Participants will use suspension trainers to preform resistance exercises. The class is designed to build lean muscle using only gravity and body weight.

The third new addition is Kettlebells. The class will use kettlebells for compound exercises to build muscular strength and endurance.

In total, there are 33 classes offered this semester.

“We literally have 120 plus classes every week,” said Ashley Artist, fitness coordinator for Rec Services, in a previous article with the Daily. “Anywhere from yoga, Pilates, resistance training, cardio classes, functional training classes, we’ve just got something for everyone. Honestly, no matter who you are, there’s something on our group fitness schedule that you’ll like for indoor fitness.”

In the past, the most popular classes have included yoga, barre, cycling, boxing and specialty dance classes such as Zumba, hip-hop and jazzercise.

The full class offerings and the schedule/instructor assignments are available on the Rec Services website. 

Updates on fitness classes are available through Facebook and Twitter @ISUGroupFit and on Instagram at GroupFitnessISU.