Liberty Bowl sparks thousands of tweets

Trevor Knabach

The AutoZone Liberty Bowl has come to a close, and it certainly did not disappoint. Iowa State’s first bowl game since 2012 was full of ups and downs and caught the attention of media users across the country.

#LibertyBowl and “Iowa State” both reached the United States trends on Twitter and amassed thousands of tweets over a span of two days.

The first wave of media attention came when Iowa State fans swarmed into Memphis by the thousands: 

The amount of Iowa State fans that made the journey rivaled the number of Memphis fans who were playing at their own stadium:

Unprepared for this amount of ISU fans, the local bars throughout Memphis ran completely dry of Busch Light an entire day before the game even started:

The game itself was a nail-biter throughout, with controversial calls on both sides. Iowa State pulled through and won with a final score of 21-20, which sparked an onslaught of tweets:

The team celebrated hard afterward, even breaking the stage while posing for a picture with the trophy:

While accepting his MVP trophy, Allen Lazard sent a message to Memphis who had turned the Iowa State helmet upside down for a promotional photo before the game:

This victory brings the exciting 2017 Cyclone Football season to a close with a record of 8-5 and Iowa State’s first win in a bowl game since 2009.