Allen Lazard posts comical tweet of controversial no-call

Emily Barske

Allen Lazard, Iowa State’s star wide receiver, took to Twitter with a sarcastic reaction to what many considered a controversial call in the fourth quarter of Saturday’s Kansas State game. 

With just under 2:30 left in the game, leading the Wildcats 19-14, Iowa State’s quarterback Kyle Kempt threw past the first down marker to Lazard on a third-and-six. Lazard couldn’t make the catch, but an apparent defensive pass interference flag was thrown on the play.

After huddling for discussion, the refs took the flag back. No pass interference.

The call came among other flags that were picked up during the game, which ended in a last-second victory for Kansas State.

Lazard also reacted to the call talking to the press after the game.

Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell weighed in on the flags being picked up.

“[The referees] said it just wasn’t conclusive,” Campbell said of the flags picked up. “It’s hard to tell… Officiating’s hard. It’s a tough business, it’s a tough profession and those calls probably could have went either which way.”

Iowa State also committed the most penalties it has all season with nine total flags. The team had previously received seven penalties against Oklahoma State, Akron and Northern Iowa.