Contempt and retaliation result in two greek chapters sanctioned


Ryan Bretoi/Iowa State Daily

Leaves change color by the campanile. 

Sarah Muller

Beta Theta Pi (Beta) and Delta Tau Delta (Delts) have been sanctioned by the Office of Student Conduct (OSC) according to the OSC website.

Beta was sanctioned, or penalized for a violation, on Nov. 17, and Delts were sanctioned on Nov. 15. Clubs and organizations at Iowa State have codes and regulations they must follow by OSC. When a violation happens, the organization is sanctioned after a variety of meetings and/or hearings.

OSC recently changed their website to add case levels one and two. Case level one “is defined as any violation of the Student Disciplinary Regulations which may result in a sanction up to and including suspension or expulsion,” according to the OSC website.

Level two cases “is defined as any violation of the Student Disciplinary Regulations which may result in a sanction up to and including Deferred Suspension. Level two cases cannot result in a student being suspended or expelled from the institution.” Read more about the levels here.

“The website was changed to add case level because while an organization could have similar charges (i.e., Misuse of Alcoholic Beverages), outcomes for one case might be significantly different than another, and this helps explain that the case level was different,” said Sara Kellogg, the director of OSC. “Different case classifications can result in varying sanctions.”

Beta’s sanctions were a level two with misuse of alcoholic beverages and controlled substances, contempt and violation of conditions of recognition. Contempt can be any of the following according to the OSC website:

  • Failure to appear before any university adjudicatory or regulatory body as summoned;
  • Failure to comply with any disciplinary sanctions or interim measures.
  • Failure to comply with the directive of authorized university officials or police officers;
  • Failure to identify oneself or to show an identification card when requested to do so by authorized university officials or police officers; or
  • Providing, procuring, or seeking to procure, false testimony in any university or administrative process.

Beta’s leadership has not yet made a statement regarding the sanctions.

Delts had a level two violation with misuse of alcohol and controlled substances, violation of conditions of recognition and violation of ISU non-retaliation against persons reporting misconduct.

“An adverse action taken against someone reporting misconduct may be charged under this item,” Kellogg said.

Delts’s leadership and Office of Greek Affairs have not yet responded to emails from the Iowa State Daily sent on Sunday evening.

There have been six greek chapters sanctioned so far this year when in spring semester there were four sanctions and fall 2016 there were four. In the last four years 42 of the 46 sanctions have been greek.