Parks Library gets much needed repairs


Ian Steenhoek/Iowa State Daily

The original entrance to Parks Library, pictured in 2017. This entrance is no longer in use.

Ryan Pattee

After decades of wear and tear, Parks Library will be receiving some much needed renovations on the roof.

Parks Library, the home of Iowa State’s most treasured books and resources, has had its fair share of damages, and resulting leaks have caused problems prompting repairs on the roof of the building.

“The ¾ of damaged roof are being removed and then we will be putting a new roof down,” said Beth McNeil, dean of the library. “It’s a 2017 version of a new roof so this will solve all leak problems that we have been facing.”

The leaks in the library have been a concern for some time especially because of the libraries vast collection of books, resources and media.

“The leaks have caused us to move books and journals around, but the real problem is at the archives department, and that is a problem because it is where we store the rare and unique items, and you lose them if they get wet,” McNeil said.

Luckily, nothing has been destroyed because of these leaks, but these problems still make the library hectic when one does happen.

“Most recently we removed books due to the leaks coming from the fourth room to the third floor,” McNeil said. “We’ve had increasing difficulties with the roof and are very thankful for the repairs.”

Construction is already taking place, and McNeil claimed the planned construction will be completed by December if all goes according to plan.

Students may see a crane blocking the staff entrance on certain days, but the library will remain open while construction is being done. For those who worry the construction will hinder their studying, McNeil said noise from construction should not cause significant distractions.

“We did notice some noise on the fourth floor, but other than that it has not been noticeable,” McNeil said. “I anticipate some distractions related to noise but we plan to remain open without closing the library or the fourth floor.”