P&S council encourages participation in the campus climate survey


Kennedy DeRaedt/Iowa State Daily

Professor of biomedical sciences, Tim Day, spoke about the academic performance of student athletes at Iowa State during Tuesday’s Faculty Senate meeting. The Faculty Senate consists of 82 representatives elected by the general faculty. 

Tiana Nichelson

The campus climate survey deadline has been extended and the Professional and Scientific Council wants to take advantage of it.  

Faculty Senate President Tim Day, spoke to the council about the campus climate survey deadline’s extension to Nov. 7. Only 11 percent of students have currently completed the survey, Day said. The extension will hopefully encourage more participation.

During the discussion for the betterment of the council, Sara Morris-Benavides, chair of the representation committee, asked the council to discuss ideas which could help with campus climate survey participation.  

“It doesn’t have to be an email to 31,000 employees,” said Clayton Johnson, past president of the Professional and Scientific council. “That’s not going to have the same kind of impact as you going to the office next door and saying ‘Hey have you taken this climate survey yet? I really encourage you to do so.'” 

Johnson had the same advice when it comes to students, saying a one-on-one conversation about the survey is the best way to encourage participation. 

Tera Lawson, professional development committee chair, said she emailed her department chair and requested announcements about the survey be made in all School of Education courses. 

Also at today’s meeting, Senior Vice President and Provost Jonathan Wickert, spoke of a differential tuition model as a possibility for programs on campus. Deans have been meeting with students to converse about possibilities. 

Wickert said students have been insisting on predictability with this model, they do not want any last minute tuition increases. He also reminded the council no decisions have been made yet. 

Amy Ward, chair of the communications committee, reminded the council about their set priorities now available on the Professional and Scientific Council website. Also available online are the ways the council has addressed some of these priorities.

Arron Fultz, chair of the policies and procedures committee, spoke about the sexual misconduct policy motion. Changes are being made based on the committee’s discussion early today. 

Fultz also moved to endorse the donated leave policy motion.

These motions will be voted on at the next meeting.