Checklist for Surviving Dead Week

Lauren Kline

With dead week fast approaching, students are gathering their course materials and hitting the library to prepare for exam week. Here’s a quick checklist of things to remember or try during fall dead week. 

Make a plan

Create a list of all the lessons and modules you have to study for. Making a list of goals, either physical or on a phone or laptop notes section, may prove helpful when prioritizing what needs to happen from the start of the week to the end.

Turn in early 

While pulling all nighters in the library may seem like a good idea in theory, putting it in practice could lead to sleep deprivation and lack of focus later in the week. Getting a full eight hours of sleep may be a stretch, but making the attempt may pay off. 

Decrease distractions

When it comes to studying, do what works for you, whether that be working with a group or isolating yourself at a table in the library. However, try tominimize distractions in your control, like extra conversations, surfing the Web or checking social media on your phone. 

Please don’t procrastinate

Remember the list you made at the start of the week? Stick to it. Don’t put off studying in favor of starting the new season of a Netflix show or scrolling through Twitter. 

Eat healthy

The urge to opt for easy meals and snacks will be there, but try to fight it. Fruit, crackers and veggies are easy to pack and snack on throughout the day, and meal prepping the weekend before can account for lunch or dinner during the week. 

Stay Motivated

Struggling with understanding a concept or lesson, or just worried about a final grade? Go to office hours or to a study group your peers might have.

Before you know it, the semester will be over and winter break will be upon us. But until then, prepare and stay confident for finals. Good luck!