Deonte Burton reveals battle with depression


Burton Instagram

Aaron Marner

In a post on his Instagram account Thursday afternoon, former Iowa State forward Deonte Burton revealed he has battled depression throughout his life.

“I’m not ashamed of letting people into my world. I have suffered from depression in the past,” Burton wrote.

Burton went on to mention his mother’s death from cancer in 2014 and how it affected him.

“It started to get the worst when my mother passed away,” the post continued. “At that time I was afraid of getting help. I was also always afraid to let people know I was suffering.”

Burton, who was the third-leading scorer and leading rebounder, shot blocker and stealer for Iowa State in the 2016-17 season, is now playing professionally in South Korea.

He encouraged others living with depression to reach out and seek help.

“Don’t be afraid to admit you are depressed,” he wrote. “After you have admitted it, try to find help. Depression is a real thing in the world. I’m speaking publicly hoping that it will help others find help. I didn’t let depression win, and I pray that you can also win this internal battle!”

Iowa State students with depression can reach out to Student Counseling Services for individual or group counseling.