Letter: Fund the Iowa State Campanile Replica Project

Eric Schnieders, Iowa State Alumn

The Student Government of Iowa State thoroughly disappointed me last month when they failed to pass the bill funding the 1 to 5 scale replica of the campanile.

What they halted was a movement brought about by hardworking, dedicated students who have already contributed countless hours to the project. Mechanical engineers, business students and music faculty have already raised 65 percent of the funds necessary to complete what they started in 2015.

The reasons senators gave as to why they thought funding the project were poor. The account the money would be drawn from hasn’t been used in over two years, yet former Sen. Zirkelbach was concerned about taking money out of the pockets of students “who are already struggling.”

If students are struggling, stop making them pay any sort of fees to student government. By not spending the money already collected from students via student fees, Student Government is doing a disservice to the entire student body of Iowa State.

Not only are they failing to work with and reward dedicated students, but they are missing an opportunity to spread the beauty and prestige Iowa State possesses to the rest of the country. What better way to engage future Cyclones than by giving them a glimpse of the experience they could fully have on campus walking between classes at 11:50 a.m. when the campanile is booming out its joyful tunes.

The construction of this campanile model is unique and worthy of funding from Student Government. Students have already put two years of effort into the project and raised over 65 percent of the funds needed to complete the project on their own. Their effort should be applauded and awarded properly.