Iowa State wrestling sends a plethora of young athletes to Lindenwood Open

Jakob Allison of the Iowa State wrestling team faces off against Tanner Shoap from Drexel during the wrestling meet held at Hilton Coliseum on Nov. 12.

Trevor Holbrook

Iowa State took advantage of the Lindenwood Open, sending a slew of athletes to compete.

The Cyclones wrestled other athletes from top-tier programs such as: Iowa, Oklahoma, Missouri and more.

Freshman/Sophomore Division:

Sophomore Jakob Allison, 125-pounds:

Jakob Allison had a hot start on Saturday, winning by a 16-0 technical fall. Allison followed that up with an 11-4 decision over Limestone College’s Majid Corbett. In his third match, Allison lost 8-0 to Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College’s Boo Dryden. Allison was pinned in his consolation match.

Freshman Tanner Lundgren, 149-pounds:

After a first-round bye, Lundgren lost in a 3-0 decision via Drury University’s Jordan Jones. Lundgren had a bye and a 7-0 loss in the consolation bracket.

Freshman Ryan Leisure, 149-pounds, first place:

Leisure also received a first-round bye. After the bye, Leisure pinned Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College’s Cody Rains. Leisure kept the momentum rolling, adding a major decision in his quarterfinal match. Leisure followed that up with a 5-2 win in the semifinals. In the finals, Leisure won by forfeit.

Freshman Taylan Entriken, 165-pounds:

Entriken lost a first-round decision, 5-3. The freshman bounced back, going 3-1 in consolation matches.

Freshman Mac Southard, 174-pounds:

Southard won by pin in his first match on Saturday. In his second match, Southard was edged out in a 5-2 decision. Southard was finished for the day due to injury.

Freshman Marcus Coleman, 174-pounds, first place:

Coleman picked up an early 23-5 technical fall to kick off his day. The freshman tacked on another technical fall, 18-1. In the quarterfinals, Coleman won 14-4. Coleman added a 17-6 major decision in the semifinals. Coleman won gold in the finals, winning in a 9-3 decision.

Gold Division:

Redshirt junior Jonathan Marmolejo, 125-pounds, fourth place:

In Marmolejo’s first appearance on the mat this season, the 125-pounder edged out West Virginia’s Joseph Thomas in a 3-2 decision. In his quarterfinal match, Marmolejo lost 3-2 to Northern Illinois University’s Brock Hudkins in overtime. Marmolejo went 2-1 in consolation matches losing to Hudkins once again. 

Redshirt sophomore Markus Simmons, 133-pounds, fourth place:

Simmons impressed in his first match, snagging a 10-0 major decision over Northern Illinois University’s Alijah Jeffery. Simmons followed that up with a technical fall over Oklahoma’s Kristofer Hudson in his quarterfinal match. In the semifinals, Simmons faced his toughest challenge of the day, Missouri’s John Erneste, who’s No. 9 according to InterMat. Simmons gave Erneste a tough battle, but Simmons eventually lost 3-2. Simmons finished 1-1 in consolation matches.

Redshirt freshman Ian Parker, 133-pounds, second place:

Parker has jumped out to a strong 2017-18 season; he built off that strong start on Saturday. Parker won by an 18-3 technical fall in his first match. Parker won by a 7-2 decision in his quarterfinal match. Parker eked out a 4-3 decision in the semifinals. In the finals, he faced Missouri’s Erneste. Parker would also be defeated by Erneste, but Parker was pinned.

Redshirt freshman Kanen Storr, 141-pounds, fourth place:

Storr had a slow start on Saturday, squeezing an 8-6 decision win out of his first match. In his second match, Storr looked like his dominant self, winning with a 17-2 technical fall. Storr won by an 11-5 decision in his quarterfinal match. In the semifinals, Storr lost 2-1. In the third place match, Storr was pinned by Oklahoma State’s Kaden Gfeller.

Redshirt junior Kristian Vazquez, 141-pounds:

Vazquez lost his first match to Missouri’s Colby Smith in an 8-3 decision. In his consolation match, Vazquez was matched up with another Missouri athlete. Missouri’s Nick Nasenbeny defeated Vazquez, 5-0.

Redshirt sophomore Anthony Wesley, 149-pounds:

Wesley had a tough day, losing via technical fall to Oklahoma State’s Boo Lewallen. In Wesley’s second match, the 149-pounder lost in a 7-4 decision.

Redshirt junior Dante Rodriguez, 149-pounds, sixth place:

Rodriguez won by a major decision over West Virginia’s Christian Monserrat in his first match. Rodriguez pinned his opponent in his quarterfinal match. Rodriguez and Iowa State’s Jarrett Degen met in the semifinals. Degen won 5-3. Rodriguez had two one-point losses in consolation matches.

Redshirt freshman Gavin DeWitt, 149-pounds:

DeWitt picked up a 9-5 decision, but followed that by losing 8-2 to Missouri’s Grant Leeth. DeWitt went 1-1 in consolation matches.

Redshirt freshman Jarrett Degen, 149-pounds, second place:

In Degen’s debut at Iowa State, the Montana native started his career 2-0. Degen pinned his first opponent and won in a 9-3 decision in his second-round match. In the quarterfinals, Degen added another win, an 11-6 decision over Oklahoma’s No. 15 Davion Jeffries. Degen beat Dante Rodriguez 5-3 in the semifinals. Degen lost 13-7 in the finals to Oklahoma State’s Boo Lewallen.

Redshirt sophomore Chase Straw, 157-pounds, fifth place:

Straw began his day 2-0 with a win by decision followed by a 21-3 technical fall. In the quarterfinals, Straw’s success continued, winning a 12-5 decision. Straw hit a bump in the road in the semifinals, losing 15-4 to Missouri’s Joseph Lavallee. Straw won his fifth place match over Missouri Valley’s Tobias Barnes.

Redshirt sophomore Brady Jennings, 157-pounds:

Jennings pinned his first opponent. In his second match, Jennings lost in a 7-3 decision to Oklahoma’s Justin Thomas. Jennings went 2-1 in consolation matches.

Redshirt sophomore Colston DiBlasi, 157-pounds:

DiBlasi’s funky wrestling style allowed the 157-pounder to come out of the gates hot. DiBlasi gathered two pins in his first two matches. In his quarterfinal match, DiBlasi couldn’t continue his pinning streak. Instead, DiBlasi was on the opposite side, losing 9-6 by McKendree’s Ryan Storpe. Oklahoma’s Justin Thomas won on a 7-2 decision over DiBlasi in a consolation match.

Redshirt junior Logan Breitenbach, 165-pounds:

Breitenbach lost his first match in a 7-5 decision to Purdue’s Mario Leveille. In the consolation bracket, Breitenbach advanced with a bye and a medical forfeit. Breitenbach finished 3-1 in consolation matches.

Redshirt senior Colin Strickland, 174-pounds:

Strickland started his day with a 9-7 loss in his first match. In consolation matches, Strickland received a bye, then he went 2-1.

Redshirt sophomore Luke Entzel, 174-pounds:

Entzel lost his first match in a 9-4 decision. In the consolation bracket, Entzel received a bye, then suffered a medical forfeit.

Redshirt sophomore Hank Swalla, 174-pounds:

Swalla won a 9-4 decision in his first match. In his second match, Swalla was defeated in a 10-5 decision by Oklahoma’s Yoanse Mejias. Swalla was defeated in his lone consolation match, 5-3.

Redshirt junior Danny Bush, 184-pounds, first place consolation:

Missouri’s Taylor Watkins beat Bush in his first match, 9-2. After a bye in the first round of the consolation bracket, Bush rattled off three wins in a row. Bush ended up winning first in the consolation bracket.

Redshirt senior Dane Pestano, 184-pounds, second place:

Pestano won by fall in his first match. In a grindy second match, Pestano won 7-5 in overtime over West Virginia’s Brenden McRill. Pestano found more success in the quarterfinals, snatching a 7-2 win. Pestano continued his streak through the bracket, beating Missouri’s Wyatt Koelling, 5-3. In the finals, Pestano lost to Missouri’s Canten Marriott in a 3-1 decision.

Redshirt freshman Sam Colbray, 197-pounds, third place:

Colbray won by a 14-3 major decision in his first match. In the quarterfinals, Colbray narrowly lost 3-2. In the third-place match, Colbray won because of an injury default.

Redshirt sophomore Nick Nolting, 285-pounds:

Nolting lost by fall to Missouri’s Austin Myers in the first round. In the consolation bracket, Nolting lost via fall.

Redshirt junior Marcus Harrington, 285-pounds, sixth place:

Harrington breezed to a 2-0 start, winning by decision and a 17-1 technical fall. Harrington continued his hot start, defeating Missouri’s Dante Jiovenetta, 5-1. Harrington was defeated in the semifinals by an 8-3 decision. In the fifth-place match, Harrington lost in a 7-3 decision.

Redshirt freshman Gannon Gremmel, 285-pounds:

Gremmel had a strong start on Saturday. The heavyweight won by an 8-3 decision over Missouri’s Jacob Bohlken. In his second match, Gremmel won via a 5-2 decision. Gremmel’s momentum was halted in the quarterfinals, losing 6-2 to Oklahoma State’s Blake Andrews. An injury caused Gremmel to withdraw from the open.