Cyclones prepare for another ranked test against No. 15 Baylor


Jacob Rice/Iowa State Daily

Morgan Kane defends against Texas on Jan. 19.

Andrew Harrington

Following a game in which Texas dominated the Iowa State women’s basketball team, the Cyclones are hoping for a bounce back game as they head to Waco, Texas, to take on No. 15 Baylor.

Baylor does not boast the record that Iowa State does, sitting at 12-4, 2-2 in Big 12 play, but a 7-0 record at home does pose a challenge for the Cyclones.

In an update provided on Friday, Iowa State head coach Bill Fennelly said that Ashley Joens is expected to play after missing the previous game due to Big 12 Health and Safety Protocols. Fennelly said that her sister, Aubrey Joens, has not been cleared yet, but there is a chance that she is able to return for the Baylor game.

Former Baylor head coach Kim Mulkey focused on inside play; however, the Bears’ new coach, Nicki Collen, has put more of an emphasis on shooting from the guards. While this is definitely something different from Baylor, Fennelly believes that this change should not affect his team greatly.

“They’re letting their guards score more,” Fennelly said. “That’s the nature of when there is a coaching change. You are going to see some kind of difference, and certainly that’s been a difference that we haven’t seen in the past.”

Baylor and Iowa State both fall in the top ten for attendance frequently, making them two of the toughest environments in college basketball.

Maggie Espenmiller-McGraw mentioned that while it may be louder than most arenas, playing at Baylor is one of her top road destinations due to the atmosphere.

Reflecting on the Texas game, Beatriz Jordão said that the physicality that both her and Morgan Kane have shown all season was just not there against the Longhorns. The physical game will be one of the biggest factors in the team’s upcoming game against Baylor at 2 p.m. on Sunday on ESPN2.