Human Sciences Week comes to an end


Presenting to an excited audience, the Food Sciences Club showed how to make ice cream with liquid nitrogen on Oct 4 for Human Sciences week. The club explained the basic chemistry of how it works and offered free ice cream to everyone who showed up.

Elizabeth Jackson

The week of free food on campus is over with the College of Human Sciences Week coming to an end Friday, after a week of various events highlighting the diverse majors and people that are a part of the College of Human Sciences.

This year’s co-chairs, Zoey Sternquist and Jenna Peterson, created the theme of the Golden Touch to show how Human Sciences has the power to impact lives. The Human Sciences Week committee also worked in partnership with the Human Sciences council in order to plan the week.

Each year, Human Sciences Week varies, but it has been consistently growing. This year’s goal was to brand the college as the major to impact lives.

The events each showed great variety with a focus in multi-cultural, academic, social and philanthropy. Many of the events from this year were seen at last year’s Human Sciences Week, but this year the week expanded to include new events such as button meals, pizza and packing and a movie night.

Many other clubs were able to sign-up for events. By simply applying and getting funding, clubs such as the Culinary Food Sciences Club were able to host the Culinary Boot Camp to get students and faculty cooking together.

The Iowa Education Association also hosted the Iowa Teacher of the Year for a question and answer session. This provided a way to empower clubs and showcase the concept of connecting together.

Even though many students took notice of the events going on because of the free food, the purpose of Human Sciences Week is to get students more involved, which was an additional focus while planning this year’s events.

Since many of the majors in the College of Human Sciences are all about humans, multicultural events were a special focus to talk about diversity and inclusion.

“As a team you can do so much to include people and to celebrate ourselves, this is why we are what we are, connecting together connects the majors,” said Zoey Sternquist, Human Sciences Week co-chair.

This philosophy manifested itself, as this was the first year the two clubs, Humans Sciences Week and Human Sciences Council, collaborated on this celebration.

Overall Human Sciences Week 2017 provided positive feedback and showed growth for years to come, Sternquist said.

This was the first year Human Sciences Week became a club, with already 70 members which showed a capacity to create committees.

For students interested, applications will be coming out in December to be a committee member or director of committee.