Cyclones running into the Big 12 Championships

Kobe Gaines

The postseason is here for the Iowa State women’s cross country team. The No. 23 Cyclones have a history of winning at the Big 12 Championship, winning five of six last Big 12 Championship tournaments.

Coach Andrea Grove-McDonough has lead the Cyclones to another successful season. The team raced to a second place finish at the Roy Griak invitational and a 13th place finish at the Nuttycombe Wisconsin Invitational two weeks ago. The team has had time to get ready for the Big 12 Championship.

Coach Grove-McDonough expresses how this team is different than the teams of the past.

“This team is different than the teams I have had in the past,” said Grove-McDonough. “These girls have zero drama, they are all extremely mature for their ages — this group really makes it easy on me. The girls are quiet and go about their business.”

Breakout freshman, Cailie Logue, has had a solid season for the Cyclones and has been the top finisher for the Cyclones in both of their meets. Her and Annie Frisbie have been the one-two punch that Iowa State needs. They both have had All-American seasons this year. Frisbie has a lot of praise for her teammate.

“Cailie has been so humble this season,” said Frisbie. “She always finds a way to dig deep and run her best in every run, whether that be at practice competing with the team, or against opponents. I am fortunate to have her as a teammate.”

The team is looking to build off the past two regular season tournaments for the Big 12 Championships. The team is running in Round Rock, Texas and Iowa State has good results in the past running in Texas. They have won four out of their last five in the state. There must be something in that Texas air that sparks the Cyclones to victory.

This postseason is where Iowa State can shine. The team has been under the radar and are waiting to prove their self for years to come since the team is young. The team was ranked No. 18 in the nation, but dropped to No. 23 after the Nuttycombe Wisconsin Invitational. The team is ready to climb back up the ranks and at the Big 12 Championship is where they look to achieve that.

“The plan is to win the Big 12s,” said Grove-Mcdonough. “I feel with how the team is running right now we can achieve that. The team struggled at the Nuttycombe Wisconsin Invitational, but we fixed those struggles because we believe that this postseason is where the team can shine.”

The Cyclones are looking to win five out of their six last Big 12 Championships this Saturday in Round Rock, Texas. The women run at 10 a.m., following the men who run at 9 a.m.