Q&A: The ISU Knitting Club


Nate Camm / Iowa State Daily

The club was founded by Jenna Averhoff after leaving her high-school knitting club and seeing one was absent at Iowa State.

Zach Streuber

For Jenna Averhoff and Carolyn Simon, knitting has been a great way to socialize, relax and learn some new skills that are useful in their everyday lives. The junior in chemical engineering and senior in apparel, merchandising and design are passionate about their relatively new Knitting Club at Iowa State and discussed it in a question-and-answer session with the Daily.

So first and foremost, what is the knitting club?

Averhoff: A group of knitters and crocheters who just meet and knit together.

Simon: It is bringing a more social aspect to knitting.

When does your club meet?

Simon: Sunday nights at 7 p.m. in Carver 282.

Are there group projects that you do … or do you just get together and knit separately in the same room?

Averhoff: Currently there is no group project, we just kind of knit together and we also teach each other different things, too. I taught people how to knit, or how to purl; we just help each other out.

How did you join and how did you find the knitting club?

Averhoff: I started it. I had a knitting club in high school that I enjoyed and my friends taught me how to knit and so I came to college and was like ‘I want to knit’ and with other people too, but there wasn’t any club or anything for it so I started my own.

How long ago was that?

Averhoff: I started it the spring of my freshman year, but we have only really been active for a year.

Who can join? Do they need any experience?

Averhoff: Nope, anyone can join and we are willing to teach anyone to knit or crochet or whatever they want to learn so they don’t have to have any experience at all.

Simon: We don’t have a club fee or anything so we just ask that people bring their own supplies, but if you come the first time and don’t have anything a lot of people will let you borrow [supplies], so you can actually learn.

What are both of you working on now?

Simon: Oh goodness. I’m working on a blanket. I’m crocheting [it] but it’s kind of a longer process than I imagined.

Averhoff: I am trying to make gloves. I got it started last year and so I am picking up [where I left off].

On average, how much time do you put into your projects?

Averhoff: If I’m just doing a scarf, it will probably take me a few hours, but I did a blanket and that takes way longer. You’re not going to finish a project in one knitting club meeting, which is an hour. It’s going to take longer than that.

How many members do you have in the knitting club?

Averhoff: There is a good 20 or 25 that will show up on average on a knitting club day.

Why should others join the knitting club?

Averhoff: It’s a good opportunity to learn a new skill if you don’t know how to knit, or if you already do, just to be able to knit with other people, improve your skills and learn more things. It’s fun to make your own scarves and other things that you wear and use like blankets.

Simon: It’s a great stress reliever too. You can just take a break and focus on one thing and go at your own pace.