How talk of sex has changed in today’s society

Andrea Poppinga

In today’s society, sex seems to be everywhere, from commercials to social media and everywhere in between. The slogan “sex sells” has been around for years, but it seems to be more and more apparent each year.

Recently, on social media platforms such as Snapchat, sex stories have become a majority of the featured stories.

Back when Snapchat’s featured stories began, this would have been a rare story to find and now there are different variations of sex horror stories, sex tips and surveys that may begin to peak a lot of users’ interest because they continue trending day after day.

According to NBC News, one reader wrote that “once America comes to terms with sexuality, and the importance of being honest with their children, teen pregnancies will go down, as will sexually transmitted diseases.” While this is only one person’s written opinion, our society seems to agree.

Our society seems to be moving away from the taboo of sex, and moving more in the direction of getting things out on the table and discussing sexual habits, whether that is with your partner, friends or even family. It is seen as something essential in a relationship, and therefore conversations about it may be taking place on a regular basis.

The possible downfall of a society that treats sex this way, according to The Odyssey, is that people may lose appreciation and respect for sex. It has become so mainstream that it seems to have lost a lot of the privacy and the intimate factor it once had.