Students rejoice over free laundry

Ryan Pattee

Paying for laundry has become ingrained in the dorm living experience, but for residents of Iowa State residence halls and SUV that is about to change for a period of time. 

On Oct. 12, the washers and dryers in these buildings became free to use. Many students were quick to seize the opportunity after rumors floated around. The temporary services allows students to do as much laundry as they like on their own time.

“I am so pumped about free laundry,” Cam Hilsman, a junior living in Helser Hall, said. “I’ve done a load every day.” 

The suddenly free laundry lends itself to an unspecified problem with the card readers in residence hall laundry rooms. The company that provides the card readers to Iowa State, CBORD, has been working with the department of residence for almost a year now and still has not been able to identify what the problem is.

However, students are not complaining. 

Because there has been no solution as of yet, laundry will be free for the foreseeable future to those residence halls.

However, students who do not live in those halls and who are looking to reap the laundry benefits, they will not be able to. Most residence hall laundry rooms have a key card lock so people cannot simply go to a residence hall to do their laundry.

“I love the free laundry because it’s given me the flexibility to do my laundry when I need to as opposed to when I have enough laundry to justify the price,” Emily Young, another Helser Hall resident, said.