Congressional Candidate challenging Steve King speaks with Iowa State students


K. Rambo/Iowa State Daily

Jacobsen speaks with voters at Stomping Grounds.

K. Rambo

Iowa State University College Democrats presented “Coffee With Candidates” Tuesday at 6 p.m. at Stomping Grounds featuring U.S. Congressional Candidate Leann Jacobsen.

Jacobsen, a Democrat, is challenging Republican incumbent Steve King for the 4th district of Iowa. Nearly 20 people, including students and permanent members of the Ames community filled the tables and standing room in a corner of Stomping Grounds for a chance to speak with Jacobsen and hear her platform.

Jacobsen is the first female city council member in Spencer, Iowa in 30 years. Jacobsen gave a brief speech detailing her experience as a businessperson and outlined her plan to defeat King. Jacobsen’s speech focused on unity and bridging divides.

Jacobsen also spoke about building the middle class and an economy in which hard-working Americans can prosper.

“I think it’s time to put people over politics,” Jacobsen said. “There is such a need. Our communities and people are struggling and no one is paying attention.”

Jacobsen is a member of Spencer Hospital’s advisory board and said she has seen the results of cracks in the healthcare system.

She expressed her belief that healthcare is a right, not a privilege, and feels Republican plans for healthcare will destroy healthcare.

Jacobsen also said she wants to increase access to education.

Mara Kealey, president of the Iowa State University College Democrats, said she felt bringing candidates to meet students is important.

“We do a lot of voter registration on campus, which is completely bipartisan work,” Kealey said. “A lot of students are not even familiar with smaller elections, they think of the national election, and that is it.”

Jacobsen coming to speak with members of Ames community was the result of a member of the College Democrats meeting Jacobsen at Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s lecture at Iowa State on Aug. 31. Kealey said the College Democrats intend to invite a different candidate for coffee each month.

Tate Rasmussen, freshman in open option, said he agrees with “about everything she says.”

“I think that she can really connect to the highly rural population in district four,” Rasmussen said. “We need someone who can actually help Iowans make jobs, give us healthcare. From what I have heard, it seems like she can really connect to people on both sides.”

Jacobsen was enthralled with the attendance and reception.

“It’s such a great opportunity to talk with the students and the young people and really understand what’s on their minds,” Jacobsen said. “What a fabulous turnout; I was really pleased. I was thinking it would be around a table and having coffee.”