Power of the pen event to bring unity among the community

Whitney Mason

Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity will host Power of Pen, an event where students impacted by the decision of President Donald Trump to rescind Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA, will share their personal stories. The event will take place in Carver 205 from 6 to 8 p.m.

The event was organized after the rescinding opened the eyes of the fraternity members.

“Being a Latino based organization, we do have a lot of brothers that are affected by the situation.” said Derek Solis, senior in mechanical engineering.

Solis said that by being a fraternity that commits their time and efforts to community causes, the organization decided to make sure that the students affected at Iowa State know that they weren’t alone and have support.

University of Northern Iowa and University of Iowa will also have similar events on the same day.

Solis said that he believed that there would be more of an impact if there were multiple events on the same day.

“It would show the unity within the students of Iowa and the different communities with various backgrounds.” Solis said. 

Solis said that this will be an event to help build and display the community within Iowa for DACA students.

Iowa State students either an immigrant or undocumented will share their stories in hopes to provide a different perspective and encourage a change in the mindset of some of the community members.

Solis said that the main part of the event will be to bring the community together and show DACA students the support the students do have.

“We want them to at least feel at home,” Solis said. “It’s obviously a tough situation for them to feel like they’re being kicked out or they’re not apart of the community.”

Eulises Landa, junior in computer science said that his fraternity was reaching out to other organizations at Iowa State.

“We’re trying to reach out to other organizations as well to see if anybody would like to share their story.” Landa said.

Landa said that DACA is something affects people from various backgrounds and not just a Latino background.

Solis said he and his organization plan to follow up the storytelling during the event and encourage those in attendance to write letters to Congressmen such as Sen. Joni Ernst, Rep. Steve King, and Gov. Kim Reynolds.

“[We hope to] get their attention and show them we’re here in Iowa, not only Iowa State, but throughout Iowa.” Solis said.

Solis said that immigrants are everywhere and can be anyone.

“Hopefully they[politicians] will speak up for us.” Solis said.

Landa said that the event can encourage people to take action and cause a ripple effect not only through Iowa but at other institutions in other states.

“We do support immigrants and we do support our fellow classmates, our fellow faculty and staff, our fellow neighbors,” Solis said.