Debate held over decision to seat member to election commission, order postponed indefinitely


Student Government senate meetings take place every Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Campanile Room of the Memorial Union.

Alex Connor

Iowa State’s Student Government senate held a lengthy debate Wednesday evening on whether or not to seat a member to the election commission.

Ultimately, the order was postponed indefinitely after Sen. Isaiah Baker cited that the Election Commissioner Bradlee Fair, in cooperation with President Cody West, were to select additional members to be approved by the senate — which the two had failed to do.

Noah Collins was the member up for consideration. He had previously served as the election commissioner during the last election cycle. Some senators were concerned, however, because of his decisions while in the leadership role.

Additionally, the order to seat Collins to the commission had been tabled at last week’s meeting because Collins could not attend.

Collins was present Wednesday night, however, where he gauged questions from the senate.

Questions included changes he may make this year compared to last, his plans to better enforce code violations should they arise, his commitment to the position and qualities he assessed to be fit to serve.

Collins said to serve on the commission you have to have a passion for government, be able to make hard decisions, be dedicated and also prepared.

“In the commission,” Collins said. “I’ve done [this] all.”

At one point, Collins was asked to leave the meeting for the senate to have a discussion without his presence.

Vice Speaker Cody Woodruff was against seating Collins as he felt that last year, the “election commission did not adhere to code they had presented to us at senate.”

“I felt Noah did not have a full grasp on the commission and did not allow commission to have a full voice or say,” Woodruff said. “I personally was not satisfied at how things were handled and how the commission tried to handle violations and issues.”

Others, such as West, felt that the institutional knowledge Collins brought to the commission was more beneficial than that of his previous mistakes and asked that he be allotted a second chance.

“Going off what Cody (West) said,” Sen. Ian Steenhoek reiterated. “I really do believe that Noah deserves a second chance.”

Currently, the election commission is headed by Bradlee Fair and has nine open seats.

Fair spoke to Collins’ credibility during last week’s meeting.

“He has shown a newfound dedication toward it,” Fair said. “He has brought new ideas to the table and seems to have good working relationship with others.”

Ultimately, however, the order was killed in the senate.

Also during the meeting, nine at-larges were successfully seated to the finance and university affairs committee.

Caroline Quinn, Melia Murray, Delanie Ruf and Joshua Kettelkamp were seated successfully to the finance committee and Grant Jensen, Minhyeong Lee, Christopher Johannsen, Andrew Nurse and Jeremy Cermin were seated to the university affairs committee.

All cited an interest in bringing change to the university through their respective committees, as well as their excitement in getting involved with Student Government.