StuGov approves debt contract, new GPSS senator


Vice President Cody Smith speaks to the Student Government Senate on Aug. 23, 2017 in the Pioneer Room in the Memorial Union.

Alex Connor

Student Government approved a $850 debt contract to the Disc Golf Club during its weekly meeting Wednesday night, as well as a $6,550 line item transfer for the upcoming KURE Fest.

The Disc Golf Club debt contract was introduced during last week’s meeting and will secure that the organization can function as a student organization by bringing the group back to a balance of zero.

Disc Golf Club Secretary Jacob Bartelme addressed the senate on why the Disc Golf Club is in debt, which he said was due to poor money mismanagement by previous leadership.

“It was a dysfunctional group that has been removed,” Bartelme said.

The debt contract was passed by the senate 25-0-1, and will be repaid to Student Government in installments of $224.13 for the next four semesters.

Moving forward, Bartelme said the Disc Golf Club will “hit fundraising hard this year” and are planning to host several fundraising events.

The Senate also debated a line item transfer for the upcoming KURE Fest, in which $6,550 in funds were transferred into smaller line items.

KURE Fest requested the line item transfer because previously allocated money from Student Government was put strictly toward the headliner, but they needed to use some of the money to cover other fest costs.

Noname will be the headliner for KURE Fest. 

The line item transfer passed 22-2-2.

The Senate also unanimously approved Norin Yasin Chaudhry, a graduate student in molecular, cellular and developmental biology, as a Graduate and Professional Student Senate senator. 

“I hope to help bridge the barrier between grad students and Student Government,” Chaudhry said.

Student Government will convene next Wednesday at 7 p.m. in the Campanile Room. 

Items to be introduced into general business include funding requests from Cyclone Stampede, ISU Badminton Club and the Multicultural Business Network.

Editor’s note: The Daily incorrectly stated in the original article that the headliner Noname had fallen through. Noname is still headlining KURE Fest and the line item transfer was to cover other KURE Fest costs.