Mile on main race kicks off Iowa State running club’s season

Whitney Mason

While the Mile on Main race may be one of the newest events to Ames, it is the kick off of races and events for Iowa State’s Running Club.

The second-year race took place downtown Ames Saturday morning.

The event first occurred last year to good reaction from the Ames community said Kienan Otto, a junior in computer engineering and one of the event’s participants.

“No one had complaints,” Otto said.

Otto said that he signed up with some of his friends and they were some of the fifty participants. He said that at the race he saw unfamiliar races, meaning that the race didn’t only have participants from the running club.

The event, which occurred during the farmer’s market downtown, had a few of the things with the market and many participants following the race spent time at the the market.

Otto said that by having the race tied with the farmer’s market, it helped the race be more accepting by the community.

Anne Leners could remember signing up for the event last year after losing a bet to a friend. Leners said she didn’t really know anyone prior and attended practices leading up to the race.

Leners said the race ended up being more fun than she originally thought.

“Everyone runs together, it’s not spread out as most races,” Leners said.

Leners said that her favorite part of the race was attendees holding up signs with encouraging words as the runners run by.

Leners said by having more participants the race becomes more fun.

“People should expect to have a good time and meet new people,” Leners said.

Leners said that most girls in the running club were participating in the race along with other Iowa State students not involved with the club.

Otto said that he finds the most fun in running and even though he wasn’t participating in the race, but instead one of the volunteers he was still excited for the event.

“It’s a lot shorter than you think,” Otto said.

A part of the the executive team of the club, Otto and the other members found themselves heavily involved in the planning of the race.

“Just had to make sure the downtown Ames where race was prepared for the race.” Otto said. “Lot of little things that had to get done.”

The club begins their fall schedule September 22 at the Brisman Lundeen Invitational at Augustana College.