Letter: Men should support a woman’s choice

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High blood pressure. Kidney problems. Epilepsy. Gestational diabetes. Perineal tears all the way to the anus. 18.5 deaths per 100,000 live births. C-sections. 20-hour labor.

Yes, the number of possibilities that could go wrong during pregnancy/childbirth is staggering. Each year, many gracious women around the world make the decision to do this to start families. 

However, each year, many more are pressured into sex before they are ready for families. I personally know this because I was mocked throughout high school for being a virgin. I remember hearing stories about “5 no’s and scoring on an ‘okay but just this time,’” how teammates slipped their condoms off because “it felt better,” and the saying regarding the 3 f’s, “find, f***, forget.”

In my experience, there are many good men who abstain or just made a mistake in the heat of the moment, but it is those who treat women like sex toys who are generally 99.9 percent pro-forced childbirth. They typically don’t care that women go through hell because it is not their body. It is all about scoring to them and they will deny it until Maury gets involved.

One such study suggests that up to 97 percent of Americans will have intercourse before finding their actual significant other. Men are far more likely to be more aggressive to have sex simply because they tend to not understand the magnitude of what happens if it goes wrong.

As a conservative man, one would expect me to be completely against abortion, but rather, I get livid anytime I hear of politicians talking about women as if they were put here just to be a host. I feel strongly against such rhetoric because a woman’s body is the only one she will get. 

For instance, I am a miracle child. My mother had several miscarriages before I was born, including what was supposed to be my twin brother. I take this issue personally and have thought a lot over this past summer. What if it were me? My birth, as well as my sister’s, caused her to have certain problems that last a lifetime and affect her today. I believe that forcing someone to use their body to go through altering and possibly deadly side effects just so that I could have a life would be completely greedy of me to force upon a woman and the government should stay out.

Besides, the fact that my mom had the choice and chose life makes me love her that much more.

I am proud to stand up for women’s reproductive rights and support women not going through an unwanted pregnancy. Go ahead and call me “baby killer.” That’s fine. Unless you have a better idea to make someone un-pregnant, I don’t want to hear it. Besides, at least I don’t force pain and suffering upon women and rape victims.