This Week in Music: September 15


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Foo Fighters


What Happened?

Lady Gaga hospitalized due to “Severe Physical Pain”

Lady Gaga cancelled her upcoming performance at Brazil’s Rock in Rio Festival due to pain that is impacting her ability to perform. This comes just weeks after becoming the first and only female performer to headline a show at Wrigley Field. The singer’s struggles with fibromyalgia will be showcased in the upcoming Netflix documentary “Gaga: Five Foot Two,” out Sept. 22.

What’s New?


“Concrete and Gold” – Foo Fighters

The Foo’s are one of the most consistent rock outfits of the last 20 years, continually putting out quality albums (Maybe save for 2014’s “Sonic Highways,” yikes.) every 3-4 years, and this newest effort is no different, and might actually be one of their best. Some are heralding it as their best work since the turn of the century, but this writer still worships 2011’s “Wasting Light.” Regardless, don’t miss out on one of the Foo’s strongest showings this century.

“Brick Body Kids Still Daydream” – Open Mike Eagle

Up-and-coming-rapper Open Mike Eagle is dropping his newest effort today with a heavy dose of self-awareness. The “Project Blowed” member has been gaining steam in the passing months due to an increased exposure. Eagle’s newest LP is also being released right before the rapper’s appearance in Ames Sept. 23 at the M-Shop. Make sure to check out the album a few times before heading to the show next weekend.


“Too Good at Goodbyes” – Sam Smith

This one technically dropped last Friday, but we couldn’t stop spinning it all week in the office. Smith returns with a familiar sound, but one that is also refined and aware of what it wants to be. The Grammy-winner sticks to what he knows in his new track, but when you’re this good at what you do, why would you change?

“Warm Glow” – Hippo Campus

These Minnesotan indie-rockers had a big summer, performing at a host of music festivals including Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza, so they’re returning with a small group of songs to celebrate their successful past few months. “Baseball” and “Traveler” are noticeably more upbeat compared to the group’s debut effort “Landmark,” which released earlier this year, and “Warm Glow” continues to showcase the band’s absorbing qualities. This is a great group of songs, don’t miss it.

In Case You Missed It…

Spotify launches new iMessage-integrated app

Are you tired of having to leave the iMessage app just to check out a new song someone recommended you? Than don’t fret! Spotify just launched an app that allows you to send tracks to others who can then play the songs in-chat. No more having to launch Spotify just to hear a song you think is extremely mediocre. Rejoice!