Letter: Diversity and inclusion on campus

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With a new school year started, the Iowa State community is being inundated with discussions regarding diversity and inclusion. As typical, diversity and inclusion of dissenting views from the regressive lefts orthodoxy on campus is non-existent on most college campuses. This orthodoxy has been labeled as “Identity Politics” or “Intersectionality.”

My argument is that this movement in the name of diversity and inclusion is doing the opposite of bringing our campus community together. Identity Politics and Intersectionality divide people continually based on ever-growing characteristics. Instead of bringing different groups together to find out what we have in common, identity politics segregates groups based on who is “oppressed” and who has “privilege.”

As a transgender woman, I am told that society is homophobic, transphobic, biphobic, etc., despite the fact that the vast majority of society has accepted the LGBT community, marriage equality is a reality and is supported both by Democrats and many Republicans. We are led to believe that those who cannot support homosexual behavior on religious grounds do so based on hate and bigotry.

As an out bisexual, transgender conservative evangelical, I am saying emphatically that this opposition is not based on bigotry. I have experienced nothing but sincere love and acceptance even though there is disagreement about this. For the most part, the diversity and inclusion discussions have been geared around race and ethnicity. Many of these discussions are one-sided unfortunately.

Where are the dissenting voices even within communities of color who espouse heterodox views on race and diversity? Where are the conservative women voices who don’t buy into the misandrist conspiracy theory called “the Patriarchy,” and that true gender equality involves mens issues? Where are the LGBT voices who don’t need nor want government to force people to accept us?

We are out there, but when will the powers that be in Beardshear include true diverse voices instead of the monolithic victimhood narrative that is being heard, and racial and sexual minorities are forced to espouse out of fear of being ostracized or labeled as a “traitor,” “Uncle Tom” and accused of suffering from “internalized oppression.” 

Where are the trans voices who dissent from the idea that society must be forced to call us by made up pronouns and deny the biological reality that there are only two genders. As a trans woman, it is a biological fact that while I may be transitioning from man to woman, I will always have XY chromosomes. By stating this fact, I guarantee I will be accused of “internalized transphobia.

I am confident and secure in my sexuality, faith and love for this country that has given me the freedom to be myself and believe and say whatever I want to! I don’t need to force others to accept me. If you reject me or hate me based on my sexuality, religion and viewpoints, that is your problem and not mine. That is true pride rather than so-called internalized oppression!